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Is Mk11 on Switch up to date?


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This. Lol! The competition on the Switch is severely lacking, but there are a few diamonds in the rough. Currently I'm sitting at Grandmaster rank in KL, and there is only 1 guy in the Demi-God rank. Nobody has made it to God or Elder God yet, and I really think it is because there just aren't that many good players, or rather players in general (comparing it to the Xbox and PS4), playing that mode on Switch.
Not on switch but I wouldn't judge someone skill level based on Kombat League ranking. The point system is a joke. Forces you to play baggy WiFi connections and has FT2 with no chance to adapt to good players.

I'm on XB1 and none has made it to God or Elder god yet. Don't think that means they are bad at all. I'm at the top of GrandMaster currently but don't like to play it other than the required 5 matches per day for rewards.


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I feel like some matches are smoother than others and honestly a lot less Aholes on the Switch than Xbox(and probably PS4 from what I'm hearing) MK 11 on the switch is better than MK 9 Vita as I recall near to nobody was ever on MK 9 when I searched, graphics were bad and holding that thing literally gave my hand cramps after a half hour. At least with the switch I have a few options. I've played a few solid switch players, I have one lose so far out of 20 games but I feel like the players have better sportsmanship than the Xbox. I can't say for sure about PC and PS4(I've heard PS4 people act dumb too sometimes though) Obviously PC and Switch aren't the most played compared to Xbox and PS4.

I'm playing the game on the Xbox One X so I have not noticed any slowdown. I'll try it on my regular Xbox in my room to see if it slows down.
Yeah, same it's just that one stage for me that I try to avoid online if I can. Was in a KOTH and that stage was definitely slowing my combos down during background animations, but with others stages didn't notice anything. Just something about that stage not a fan of lol. Oh I also play on my Xbox One, that's the one I have the original version. :)