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Is iceclone one of the best traits in the game?


subzero is a new character, so everygame is play, i play against him :). and every game i am cursing because of the FUCKING iceclone. the trait has (almost) no cooldown and is the perfect wakeup attack. the icelone completely shuts down my pressure game .. i just cant beat it. after a knowdown the neutral resets everytime. i think this is VERY VERY strong. what do you guys think? any tipps ? maybe i do something wrong. btw: i play scarecrow or catwoman.


i am not complaining, i am just asking. but the iceclone wakeups shuts down every rushdown (execpt for mb b/f3). and the trait has no cooldown. i think it is very unique the have a trait that saves you from pressue after a knowdown.


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Aquaman, Adams, Batmans, Atros etc have better traits.

I also didn't know that ice clone was a true wake up? either way MB B/F3 on read.


i tried f2 with scarecrow, but if i touch the iceclone, i am frozen. i will buy subzero and hit the lab :). what is his release date (i dont have the fightpack) ?


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After some time with Sub, I find that he has a hard time against some of the characters. Ice Klone isn't the best wakeup when his klone fades away the instant the opponent gets close. :/

However, if you do double IK, you might have a chance to deal with the zoners this way by either Iceball or Ice Klone Toss (the air one).


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Catwoman's whip ignores the clone free, so use that.

Scarecrow also has a ji2 that completely ignores the clone and a f2 which, if spaced right, goes through it (the hook doesn't have a hurtbox). If you are too close to do f2 without getting frozen, d3 is a great option.

Worst case scenario just block, the clone doesn't last that long.


Yeah I think clone has been toned down actually. The cooldown seems higher than in MKX. WoW shield goes through it and it goes away on block. Grodd projectile immunity allows you to walk through it. I don't think it is as powerful.


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No it doesn't even work properly and even if it did it's still not touching say Atrocitit's


seeing as the game has traits like
blue beetle's
wonder woman's (random shit no place in fighting games)


i say his trait is pretty good but more or less balanced
even if they do tweak the hitbox on it I feel it will remain in a good spot, which is good but not busted

my answer to topic title

as far as your text, seems like your best bet is to buy him as you plan and take him to that practice to grind'm out
good luck


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Best trait doesn't mean anything anyway.

Also it's kind of a semantics thing between who has the actual best trait(probably Bane) versus who's trait does the most for their gameplan. Either way your trait could be buns and the character could still be top tier.

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It's the freakin ice klone, it's good. But I don't necessary think it's as good as Batman, Adam, Atrocitus traits. But it's good.