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Is Deadshot still viable?

This character has been nerfed hard over the past few patches. The question is, is he still viable? I still think he's somewhat viable and I'll explain why.

-Midscreen dmg is ass but at least u have 50/50s to keep your guessing. Combos off b1 and f2 still leave ur opponent fullscreen, where deadshot can somewhat zone.

-Corner dmg is still good.

-Still has a 7f mid which doesnt lead to a full combo but still checks ur opponent.

-As for zoning, Deadshot is somewhat still a good zoner. MB rifle does a ton of chip and pushes ur opponent back. Wrist cannon is still somewhat fast and trickshot keeps ur opponent honest

I feel his entire gameplan now revolves around pushing ur opponent fullscreen with the 50/50 combos and his zoning tools. In the corner, he uses his mixups to keep the opponent guessing after a high dmging combo. With that being said, he now struggles heavily against other better zoners e.g. Dr Fate, and characters who can get in easily e.g. Supergirl. I think he is low tier to low-mid tier still, and u have to work hard with him to make him work. What do you guys think? Please leave ur comments below.


Yeah I believe he wen't directly to garbage tier. I never thought he was that overwhelming. I think his strong tool was his straight shot nothing else seemed top tier tool to me. The nerf to the meter build I believe would have been enough.

They definitely went too far with him. His severe nerfs makes me believe that the intention wasn't actually to balance the game but for a meta shift. So they completely killed that character to get him out of tournament media and buffed some characters that didn't need to (firestorm) so they could get more exposure.

I have not seen another deadshot since the patch.