Is Captain Cold viable?

Discussion in 'Captain Cold' started by Till Wroll, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. Hiyomoto

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    He’s alright.
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  2. neveradestroyer

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  3. Cursa

    Cursa Counterpoke with armoured DB2 at all times.

    Viable in getting counter picked
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  4. snort

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    Is he viable? His b232 is all highs.
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  5. Somea2V

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    M.D., why are you acting this way? The NRS community has always been like this. Move on to better games and communities like some of us did.
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  6. M.D.

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    Well, it's the least I can do, because i really wanted to like this game :D
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  7. just_2swift

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  8. neveradestroyer

    neveradestroyer Robber of ATMS.

    Capitán basura pertenece al basurero. Let Captain trash to go to the garbage can were He belongs.
    Rest in pieces.

    Thanks a lot Paulo... Great vision You had here... The next injustice will be a non day one buy from me for sure... I will wait until its worth less than a penny.
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  9. Tanno

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    I dropped the game, because Cold isn't viable anymore. Pre-patch, he was kinda good, but needed some tweaks to be viable against the cast. Instead, NRS tweaked the wrong tools, and now post-patch he's no longer viable.

    Ice Trap (DB3) used to hold them in check while you were charging the gun. It was 5". Now it's 3" in active frames. This tool is useful against the teleporting guys, like Raiden and Black Manta.

    Wall (DB2) used to have the pushblock to make a great distance against those who got too close to Cold. Post-Patch, this tool has no longer the pushblock. The pushblock could save you from the footsies game. Now this one is way punishable, because Wall has some recovery frames window to let the opponent to punish you.

    If you combine the two above tools, there was a tech. If by chance someone tried to pass through the Ice Trap via air dash (Raiden, Starfire, etc), you could Wall them and force them to drop onto the Ice Trap. It was a punishing tech for as long as the Ice Trap was active.

    Almost all the strings are high. No OH, no low. Some of them are mid. This one is risky to do blockstring pressure, because now they know how to deal against him.

    To sum it up, NRS just enlargened his weaknesses window.
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  10. xInfra Deadx

    xInfra Deadx Banned.

    Pretty sure the proper way to play Cuck is to know, Sub Zero?
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  11. Tanno

    Tanno The Fantasy is the Reality of the Mind
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    To play him is like playing Unbreakable SZ.
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  12. The Farmer

    The Farmer Gunslinger since pre ptch -Shout out 2 Youphs 2015

    He is only viable when using against players with no mathcup knowledge. After that the jig is up man. Pack him away.
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  13. He's low tier so he really struggles against top tiers unless your Sonicfox in which case you can use random select and beat damn near everyone. I actually think d1 puddle would be too strong.
  14. Hiyomoto

    Hiyomoto Noob

    The craziest stuff I’ve seen fox get away is d1 into icicle in a tournament setting. Absolutely maniacal
  15. M.D.

    M.D. Spammer. Aquaman hater.

    For me the craziest stuff I've seen fox get away with is doing f23 puddle FIFTY TIMES and every single time they let go of block mid string.

    Tried it online, got 0-50 ed.

    Pr() players man...

    Also, d1 puddle too strong? If puddle was +15 on block then perhaps, but at -20 or smth it's just another combo starter, you know, like THE ENTIRE CAST HAS
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  16. Cursa

    Cursa Counterpoke with armoured DB2 at all times.

    You take that back
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  17. thlityoursloat

    thlityoursloat but you didn't have to cut me off!

    tbf lots of characters have it so it’s nothing special
  18. Cursa

    Cursa Counterpoke with armoured DB2 at all times.

    Referring to the part I bolded. Could care less about Cold in general, he ded lolz
  19. thlityoursloat

    thlityoursloat but you didn't have to cut me off!

    i like playing him because his 122 is leatherface’s and i enjoyed leatherface
  20. M.D.

    M.D. Spammer. Aquaman hater.

    Ok fine, like ALL THE VIABLE CAST HAS
  21. neveradestroyer

    neveradestroyer Robber of ATMS.

    Give me back my lv2 trait and my 5 seconds mb puddle You NRS ()%%&$%·$("%·%=$!. What in the actual fuck were They thinking?. I was in the process to develop an anti air ice dome combo... Then... They suddenly fucked Captain Cold all over.:mad: Oh Yeah Flash can have a full screen time freeze (unavoidable) without the need of charging trait:mad:. Firestorm auto charges his trait and of the top of that He can now charge it like Cold:mad:. With He being better than Cold in every way since day one. But nooo!. Nerf Cold. That would do to these pesky people going in the lab every day.:mad:

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  22. I think Cold needs buffs. I just don't think he needs that. He can still do a lot of work with his set ups

    Black Manta does not have a full combo starter off d1, neither does Grodd, neither does Deadshot, neither does Braniac, neither does Darkside, neither does Bane, neither does Dr Fate, neither does Redhood, neither does Enchantress.

    I'm not too sure about Hellboy either but I don't play him often. I think Hellboy can just cancel into charge. I know Swamp Thing has a tick grab but I don't think he can combo into that tree root thing off d1 right?

    I dunno, every character has something off d1 but it's definitely a stretch to say every character has one. Add Joker as an honorable mention for only being able to cancel into a high projectile combo starter. 9 times out of 10 it's gonna be cancelled into crazy spin unless you're doing disrespectful stuff, also it whiffs against some smaller hitboxes.

    That doesn't include the characters that have gaps so you don't have to respect the combo cancel when counter poking.
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  23. Cursa

    Cursa Counterpoke with armoured DB2 at all times.

    He should've had buff/nerfs. He had like some legit 7-3's but he also got 3-7'd himself sometimes. Kind of poor balancing imo.
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  24. The_Tile

    The_Tile Just a sip, and an overhead, and a low, yeah.

    In all fairness, not all the cast have an overhead icicle that can be used for HTBs though
  25. neveradestroyer

    neveradestroyer Robber of ATMS.

    The slowest... more tech-able overhead in the game is a threat... OK then.:DOGE
    Tech roll beats 99% of death cycle attempts... good try tho.
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