Is Captain Cold viable?

Discussion in 'Captain Cold' started by Till Wroll, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. Till Wroll

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    Whether there was a post or two made on this similar topic revolving Cold is irrelevant as we have just received a new patch in which Cold was not touched but other characters were. In my opinion, he definitely should have received some fixes and a buff or two. A fix example would be allowing us to direction his DF3 Bubble to close or mid range or to close the gaps on his 121 overhead string since it's a pretty solid string with decent range and not to mention that it's plus +4 on block.

    IMHO: I still use Cold despite his issues because he is a very fun character to play. He still has some dirt with his ice globe trait where his down 1 can connect into ice puddle on hit and the same for 12 string into ice puddle. Can still pull off some freeze resets with those in mind. His zoning is still pretty decent and throwing a few close icicles can help with bait, not to mention charging trait is a great way to bait opponents to move forward and hitting them with his B232 or F23. If you do end up doing big damage with him when you throw out your trait + zoning + LV1 trait can help a LOT with ending a round on your terms.

    I'm a rookie poster btw so I'm sorry if I leave out other expected facts about the meta or whatever.

    I just wanted to know everyone else's thoughts on whether he is viable in whatever aspects at this state of the game.

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  2. D1 puddle and 12 puddle connects?

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  3. Wolverine32

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    Not that cold isn’t absolute trash, we all know he’s got issues, but most if not all strings that are plus, have one or more gaps, and the exceptions to those are usually strings that start with a high. So buffs like that kinda disregard the meta. But NRS has this notion of “utility characters” where they are built to counter certain things. Which I don’t think is fair to those characters, like yes he beat catwoman at one point and people say he might still, but then you would just pick Deadshot, or another solid zoner, and his design is kinda pointless at that point. Which is not a good way to build a character. when you’re built to 7-3 characters who fall into a certain archetype, as soon as you are fighting someone who doesn’t fall into that archetype you get screwed. So in short, he’s certainly not viable and wasn’t really before hand imo. Characters that are viable don’t necessarily dominate every matchup, but they also don’t get decimated in matchups that you’ll see in tournaments.
  4. M.D.

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    Not viable, garbage tier, period.

    1. 0 mixups
    2. d1 and overhead string aren't combo starters
    3. weak damage without shitloads of meter + trait, which is useless because see below
    4. trait useless against top tiers as they pressure or zone you so hard you will get it charged only when you lose the match
    5. He doesn't have a single winning matchup, just a couple of 5-5s with garbage tiers that nobody plays
    6. You will get destroyed flawlessly by top tiers non stop without a chance to retaliate.
  5. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan savagery is no match for skill

    Character has always been dogshit, people just lost their minds because he used to beat Catwoman
  6. That’s a 5-5 match up now , d1 puddle needs to combo back 2 needs to be a mid that’s it , but make b232 less plus on block to compensate . And he needs to start the match with already having level 1
  7. dribirut

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    Till Wroll is Trolling you guys
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  8. Mother Fu-

    I saw his name, but the original post didn't really seem like a troll.

    edit: like he wasn't claiming Cold was top tier or had mixups or anything.
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  9. M.D.

    M.D. Spammer. Crouch walk hater.

    Even if it's a troll I can't miss a chance to FOAM AT THE MOUTH because OMG HE DIDIT WITH COLD HE DID IT, THE MIXUPS OMG HE DID IT
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  10. Till Wroll

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    While snow globe is out, 12 into ice puddle, on hit, will connect.
    Same thing for d1 into ice puddle during snow globe. Out of snow globe, as we all know, nope.

    I'm fairly sure this is true but if you're interested at all, definitely test it out.
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  11. JBeezYBabY

    JBeezYBabY Mr. Righteous

    *Looks at avatar* Hmmmmm....*thinks*.....Yeah he's viable. You should play him :)
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  12. will test and get back to yall. or if someone beats me too it whatever.
  13. I totally feel ya.
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  14. Laos_boy

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    From playing cold for a week now. I think he needs these.

    D1 puddle because almost every got a D1 special that combos now.

    1 is now 8f

    12 puddle because why not?

    2 is now a 10f mid because this guy is higher than a stoner

    B232 is now HMM

    Ice wall is now +9 on hit. I'm tired of not getting offense after this move.

    J2 is a better cross up

    Trait charges slightly faster

    This will make him solid, like ivy tier.
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  15. MadPropz101

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    When a character has a string where all hits are high you know there’s something wrong xD
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  16. He actually has a sick corner 50/50 near unblockable. Finish with b2 close icicles then do d1 puddle. It will connect on hit bc of the added hit stun from ice. Or mb roll and 1... combo.

    But, yes the character is extremely hard to get anything going with.
  17. Cursa

    Cursa Counterpoke with armoured DB2 at all times.

    And then we get some weeks of "Captain Cold Top 5 even though his losing matchups are still losing"
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  18. I don’t think 12 puddle should work there’s not much risk then it’s only -2 raw plus 4 if completed I think most ppl will keep blocking low anyway and just take the small damage on the oh .
    Standing 2 sounds decent maybe make it slower tho or the same as f2 it’s just plus 1 no big deal
    B232 I agree with that just make it 0 on block then . Ice wall I agree with there a risk there I’m disrespect because of the gap . J2 is kinda garbage but that’s why ppl use j1 plus it scales less so I don’t sgree that it’s needed , I think for trait we just need to start with level one green charge in the beginning of the match
  19. omooba

    omooba fear the moobs

    didn't he beat batman? and only really lost to characters with ridiculously good zoning? fyi these are questions not statements
  20. Their reason for needing him was such BS. "We feel like he won a couple of matchups too easily" or something similar to that. Yes he did dominate a handful of characters, but those were his only winning matchups. Aquaman did the same before this last patch, but they buffed him.

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  21. scarsunseen

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  22. M.D.

    M.D. Spammer. Crouch walk hater.

    Well MK11 is coming and Cold will die like this for the remainder of INJ2.


    Thank you so much.
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  23. Cursa

    Cursa Counterpoke with armoured DB2 at all times.

    At least he has a mad D2
  24. IrishMantis

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    But because at the time he was the only char to stop CW from doing whatever the fuck she wanted...

    He got hit.

    Although fun and unique he was a badly designed meta wise character to begin with.

    A character should never be made on the pure goal to be a utility char
  25. Lt. Boxy Angelman

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    1. He isn't viable.
    2. He shouldn't be until someone fixes his godawful dialogue.
    I hope whoever approved "Someone call the ice cream man?" is proud of themselves for having awful ideas.

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