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INJUSTICE DEMO: General Discussion

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Doomsday on very hard bodies me every time. Everybody else is easy enough but he just blows me up


A second pad would be great if I had an extra hand and could reset health.
You don't need extra hands. Just use tape.

Playing very hard.

Getting repeatedly murdered by wonderwoman. I totally do not get a hand of blocking yet.
You probably feel like you are less in control without a dedicated blocking button, but instead of thinking about when to block, just focus on trying to figure out when your opponent will try to attack you. It becomes second nature that way. That may sound like I'm saying the same thing, but I'm not.
How is the AI compared to mk9. I was just watching Rip from Tekken getting combo'd like crazy, so it looks more difficult, which is what I wanted.


Demo is awesome and Doomsday is a freaking fast tank, i'm kinda upset he's gonna be unplayable boss after all.
Mannnnnnn, Wonder Woman is a B**CH on very hard!

I was able to get past Batman with a little frustration but man, WW....

She does 25% combos on me every time and it feels like her attacks are unblockable or i'm just not blocking properly lol
Not open for further replies.