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Tech - Inferno Inferno Scorpion hidden potential

I found out a way to make overhead minion and soul charge safe with Inferno, there's an example:

Let's put some facts:
Scorpion overhead Carthwheel. A.K.A. forward 4 on hit and cancelled into minion charge is -8 on block.

Scorpion max distance d4 on hit and cancelled into overhead minion is -11 on block with pushback (if spaced correctly Inferno can backdash reversal Sub Zero slide and ex slide with it).

Scorpion standing 4 canceled into minion charge is -13 with pushback, also With overhead minion is -13 with pushback, making the only characters who can reversal punish this setup so far:

Reptile Slide
Sub Zero Slide
Mileena Roll

P.D Kung lao Spin and ex Spin Can't punish s4 on hit cancelled into minion charge or into orverhead minion ROFLMAO.

Eddy Wang

Skarlet scientist
I don't see anything game changing in there and the video tittle is a bit way miss leading, scorpion inferno problems were never the setups at all, its more as you said yourself you need to space correctly to make these minions worth using, and that's pushing for a neutral game.

Playing Inferno is playing variationless with a extra meterless restand who is weaker than flame aura in every aspect.

Pretty sure REO found a plus setup that allows for free pressure, and even then we never considered hidden potential or overpowered.