Incomplete (errors found)TYM MK9 Tournament players rankings

Discussion in 'Tournament & Event Aftermaths' started by DanCock, Apr 20, 2012.

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  1. G4S Claude VonStroke

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    This list has the potential to be so much better than the NFGR. Once final round is added it will be better already.
  2. Pig Of The Hut

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    Final round bracket was loaded on Medina4life 's computer before we started - he is going to email me the bracket file and ill send it to DanCock
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  3. Krayzie

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    My mistake, then maybe it was NCR... lol

    SCR was 2011, you're right.
  4. LionHeart V1

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    Damn shady is ranked higher than me? I really must suck lol. I appreciate the effort though.
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  5. I admire the effort but the numbers are too high and convulated considering the age of the Mk9 tourney scene. The attempt at making distinctions between majors and minors is deeply flawed.

    Here is a more reasonable ranking system.

    Points earned are based on:
    1) Your the total number of players at a tournament below your ranking range and split among the players in the same ranking range as you.
    2) A modifier based on your percentage of wins over your ranking range to get your placement
    3) Bottom placement minimum point inflation
    4) MLG Arena exception to rule 3

    Ranking ranges are as follows.
    1,2 place
    3,4 place
    5-8 place
    9-16 place
    17-32 place
    33-64 place
    65-128 place
    129-256 place
    EVO Perrenial Spectator place

    Now for some illustrations assuming all the example players particpiated in a 13 man, 46 man and 128 man tournaments.
    How rule #1 works
    Lets say you won 3rd place at these three tournaments.
    There are 9, 42 and 124 players who placed below your ranking range. You share your ranking range with the 4th place player so you split the total number of players between the two of you earning 4.5, 21 and 62 points respectively.

    Now lets say you won 12th at those same events.
    That means there are 0, 30 and 112 players below you.
    You share your ranking range with up to eight other people. As a result you earn 0, 3.75 and 14 points.

    Points earned from rules #1 are your base points.

    How rule #2 works
    As a 3rd place fnisher you are the same ranking range as one additional player. There needs to be a way to quantify that you placed higher than the person in the same ranking range.
    To do this we need to account know the minimum amount of games you needed to win to get 3rd place and the maximum amount of games you could play to reach there.
    If the tournment you went to used Best of 5 format then you had to win atleast 3 games but had the possibility of playing the maximum of 5.
    If you played only 3 games to reach 3rd place you add 100% of base points of the player ranked below you. If you had to play 4 games you get 66% of the base points added to your own points.If you had play 5 games then 33%.

    Why these perecentages? The spread between the minimum and maximum games that could be played is 3 so each additional game that has to be played beyond the minimum reduced your earnings by a third.

    Obviously this means if you had to play a Best of 9 format the spread between minimum games you needed to win and maximum you could possibly play is 5. Each game you are forced to play after the minimum reduces the additional points you can earn by 20%

    How rule #3 works

    Let's say you placed 12th, 45th and 128th at the three example tournaments. You were worse than everyone at the tournment except for one player. You earned nothing from rule #1 and #2 but IMO you should earn something for atleast winning a set.
    Should you earn a minimum of 1 point? I don't think your placement at a 13 man tournament should be weighted as equally as the 128 person event.

    The minium points you earn for just participating is dependent on the number of ranking ranges the total number of players allow divded by 2.

    The 13 man contest allows for four ranking ranges so the minimum points earned is two. The 46 person contest allows for 6 ranking ranges so 3 will be the minimum points you earn.
    At the 128 man event you will earn a minimum of 4.5 points.

    These minimum points could create some problems for the points people are earning at the borders of ranking ranges so everyone above these bottom place players automatically get the minimum points added to their total points.

    MLG Arena Exception

    MLG arenas are going to make ranking considerations very interesting. Arenas are continuations of MLG majors. Your participation is entirely based on getting top 8 or 16 of MLG. So a lot of potential competition is barred from playing. The minimum points from an MLG arena should be weighed alot more heavily than other minor events. As a result the minimum points from rule 3 should be increased by 50% instead of reduced by 50% for any other event.

    P.S.-There are some details I haven't adequately covered but my basic idea should be understood for atleast rules 1,3 and 4. I'll try to elabrate more on rule 2 if anyone has questions about it.
  6. Medina4life

    Medina4life Media Master

    Yo I almost forgot... HAHA, Pig what's your email?

    Also DanCock, idk what tournaments you selected, but for some reason I think Dizzy should be higher.
  7. DanCock

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    Lead Moderator

    read the w hole first post.

    Pig Of The Hut I think we need to make a video teaching people how to read full posts if they are going to ask questions or question stuff. Lolol

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  8. Medina4life

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    The spoiler button wasn't working, didn't realize you had to click the second one?
    Either way, I don't think you the same amount of points should go to each tournament based on it being a major, major minor or minor. There needs to be bonus points for certain circumstances or something
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  9. DanCock

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    Ahh sorry about. I tried to fix it but can't I have no idea why it's like that.

    Bonus points will still create the Same outcome I believe. Now there are circumstances where some tournaments will be down graded and some upgraded.

    I want a group of 5 or 9 guys to decided on what should be changed and added. So far we have 3.

    This really isn't a easy thing to do, took 3 long nights. I wanted to include every tournament goer in this so that they will get motivated to travel again to tournaments and improve their ranking.

    Everyone needs to understand that this list treats everyone equally, it's not player a is better then player b list.

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  10. SquirtMcGirt

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    I'll play ya for my spot!

    Representing TMP
  11. swag1

    swag1 EX smash solves all

    True, however I think that players should also be rewarded for showing up and supporting the scene.
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  12. Pig Of The Hut

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    let me hit up tutorial mode first :)
  13. N0rdicNinja

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    The amount of work this must have taken is mind boggling!
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  14. pherleece

    pherleece Woolay

    this list is amazing!!!
    look at all the ppl ranked lower than me =] haha
    hopefully this list will motivate people to get off their asses and go play offline!
    but still get on my level :REO

    DanCock 129 ~ Free Nine 104 & 205 ~ BlueNine 78 are the same guy. there are some other doubles but not many
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  15. DanCock

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    oh boy nice discovery Rev. seems i fucked up hardcore. i didnt check the dates. i had just assumed that when "SCR" was posted in tournament after maths they meant "NCR" so when i looked i saw NCR on the evo list but no results i had thought that 16 bit won a evo major which he didnt.

    Osu 16 Bit you were right yesterday about the ranking list as well..

    ill fix this mistake tomorrow night. thanks for pointing this out..

    question is where the heck is NCR's results???? Krayzie do you have it or know where its at??? Private message me it when you can..

    NEC was made a major because it has the top Arizona players, Atlanta players, California players and NY players.

    again THANK YOU rev0lver Osu 16 Bit for pointing out my mistake.. and majors that dont attract top players will be downgraded in the future.
  16. Cat

    Cat This guy looks kind of tuff...

    cool im on this list :)
    mlg anaheim will be my true test.. cant wait to play all of yall..
  17. aj1701

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    To encourage people to attend. Those that come out support the scene I think that deserves something. I don't see why the lust is estimating to get upset about.
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