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If you could pick one DLC pack and exclude the others....

Which option would you pick?

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Baconlord's Billionaire Sugar Daddy
Absolutely Option E, no contest.

Spongebob beating on Darkseid would be the hypest shit in any video game ever.


Loud and Klear~
Premium Supporter
Would've picked D if Hawkgirl was in it, but she's not so it was between A and C. Mera or Star Sapphire...

Red Reaper

The Hyrax Whisperer
If Miss Martian plays similar to MMH and is as cheap or better than MMH, then option A.
Otherwise, option B.


Shirai Ryu
I actually voted D for Luthor and Sinestro.. but I don't want any of those others to come back with them. So ultimately I think B would actually be the better option.
I just want a Watchmen character. If it was:

Option E: Miss Jupiter
Wonder Twins
Arm Fall Off Boy
Matter Eater Lad
Color Kid

Then I'll take E


AUS FGC represent!
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Swap doomsday for Zatanna then easily option D.

Otherwise, option A for Miss Martian and Starfire.

Also wish I could have star sapphire but you cant win everything.