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If you could pick one DLC pack and exclude the others....

Which option would you pick?

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...which option would you pick? Selecting one means while there may be other DLC, the other options' characters will be excluded from Injustice 2. Order of characters in packs have been strategically placed.

Option A: Killer Croc
Miss Martian
<Mortal Kombat Character>

Option B:Two-Face
Static Shock
Black Manta
Ra's Al Ghul
<Mortal Kombat Character>

Option C: Constantine
Beast Boy
Star Sapphire
The Riddler
<Mortal Kombat Chatacter>

Option D: [Classic Pack] Half price of other DLC packs. Assume the following legacy characters may or may not be revamped/have different traits etc. like already announced legacy characters.
Killer Frost
Lex Luther
<Mortal Kombat Character>

Spawn and Sub Zero excluded because of reasons.
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Black Manta is the only other new character I want that didnt make base roster but if Doomsday, Lex, Sinestro are an option then the choice is obvious, bring back the classics


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Ok so if I choose c I get starsaphire who is the character I wanted most. But if I choose d I get raven but I also allow doomsday to be in.


Only characters I'd care to see are Sub-Zero and Ra's Al Ghul mostly because of some jokes and puns in my circle of friends (plus Johnny if there is room for a second MK character) so option B for me even if I couldn't care less about the other characters in the pack.


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Pff, no contest: Option B for the win! Hell, I'd play a game of nothing but Black Mantas, so I might be a little biased... I even considered playing the Aquaman Gamecube game just because it had Black Manta...

Hmm, that looks about as fun as a jellyfish sting to the taint.


B easilyyyyy

D is my second choice for Lex but I hate doomsday so much I'd rather just not have Lex in if it meant having both in :V


Option C. I absolutely love Larfleeze and want him in badly but I doubt it'll ever happen. :(


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Option B but damn, we still calling my boy Static by the name of his cartoon? lol I swear he's the only DC character that happens to.


This mean you don't like me?
Option B but damn, we still calling my boy Static by the name of his cartoon? lol I swear he's the only DC character that happens to.
I listed Static, as well as Ra's etc. based on their listings in a DCU database. That's why Constantine is Constantine and not John Constantine, but I hear you. Few people realize his name is just Static.