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Guide I present to you: Concise Guide to Black Adam


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"You are not my equal" Black Adam Guide


b+3, j+3~far dive kick, b+2,3*UP~1+3 (end in 2 if in corner)

d+2~trait, 1,1~black magic, b+2,3*UP~1+3 (end in 2 if in corner)

MB dive kick (buffer forward dash), 1,1~black magic (buffer forward dash), b+2,3*UP~1+3 (end in 2 if in corner)

MB dive kick (buffer forward dash), 1,1~trait, b+2,3*UP~1+3 (end in 2 if in corner)

Off Punishing:

d+1~trait, 1,1~black magic, b+3, j+3~far dive kick, b+2,3*UP~1+3 (end in 2 if in corner)

1,1~black magic, b+3, j+3~far dive kick, b+2,3*UP~1+3 (end in 2 if in corner)

b+2~trait, 1,1~black magic, b+3, j+3~far dive kick, b+2,3*UP~1+3 (end in 2 if in corner)

Off Hit Confirming:

1,1,2~black magic (buffer forward dash), b+2,3*UP~1+3 (end in 2 if in corner)

b+2,3, 1,1~black magic (buffer foward dash), b+2,3*UP~1+3 (end in 2 if in corner)

b+2,~trait, 1,1~d,b+3~MB, b+3, j+3~b+2,3*UP~1+3 (end in 2 if in corner)

In Corner:

2,2,b+1, j+2~far or close dive kick, 1,1~black magic, b+2,3*UP~1+3 (end in 2 if in corner)

MB dive kick, j+2~far or close dive kick, 1,1~black magic, b+2,3*UP~1+3 (end in 2 if in corner)

b+2,3, 1,1,2~black magic, b+2,3*UP~1+3 (end in 2 if in corner)

1,1,3~trait, 1,1,2~black magic, b+2,3*UP~1+3 (end in 2 if in corner)

d+2~trait, j+1~far or close dive kick, 1,1~black magic, b+2,3*UP~1+3 (end in 2 if in corner)

Tactics & Strategies:

b+2,3*UP into interactable
When ending a combo and there is an interactable above your head, during b+2,3*UP INSTEAD of pressing an attack button, you can press the interactable button instead. This will grab the interactable in the air and in most cases net you unscaled interactable damage that OTGS and increases your overall damage output.

WARNING: Some interactables will not connect on the knocked down opponent BEFORE they can wake up depending on how quick the interactable is. Always make sure to test every interactables to see which ones can be escaped by waking up or teching.

Up to 23% Throw with orbs
When Black Adam activates his trait and throws you, if there are any orbs active while the opponent is being thrown, they will take full orb damage while they are thrown. A good way to take advantage of all three orbs is to try and throw your opponent from max throw range while you have trait on before any orbs make contact.

1 Orb = 15% throw
2 Orbs = 19% throw
3 Orbs = 23% throw

Option select conversion of f+2
You can land a d+1 after a f+2 on hit. f+2 on block is +1 so your d+1 (to the frame) will come out in 5 frames thus creating a frame trap. Basically, Black Adam can "option select" after performing a f+2 up close to the opponent, whether they BLOCK or get HIT, you can always convert after by doing d+1~d,f+1 for a combo or a frame trap check.

TIP: If you know the f+2 is going to hit (let's say you confirm it off a jump in hitting), you can do:
f+2, d+2~trait, b+2,3*UP~1+3 (end in 2 if in corner)

NOTE: The above combo will work regardless if the opponent is hit by f+2 while crouching or not.

MB Dive Kick 50/50 Set Up on BLOCK with Trait
When cancelling into 1,1,3~trait or either 1,1,2~trait strings, Black Adam is at enough advantage to go for ambiguous dive kick 50/50s where the opponent must guess on whether to block left or right.

There are three variants of applying the 50/50 dive kick mix up depending on the opponent's block animation:

Version 1:
1,1,3~trait, instant air neutral jump j+1~far MB dive kick OR close MB dive kick (this works on characters like DoomsDay, Martian, etc. etc.)

Version 2:
1,1,3~trait, immediately jump forward and time a MB close dive kick to the frame right BEFORE it crosses up OR time the MB close dive kick to the frame right AFTER it crosses up. (this works better on characters like Killer Frost, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Flash, Batgirl, Catwoman, etc.)

Version 3:
1,1,3~trait, then immediately do a neutral jump into raw MB dive kick. (this works on characters such as Lex, Batman, Black Adam, Wonder Woman, Superman, Zod, Green Lantern, etc.)

KEEP IN MIND: What you can do off the 1,1,2 string is different from 1,1,3~trait! So explore and find what is possible off that string as well. Find the best string / option for every character.
Example: Off 1,1,2~trait you can go for instant air j+1~ into MB dive kick cross up on characters like Green Arrow and Bane which you can't do with 1,1,3~trait.

MB Dive kick 50/50 Set Up on HIT with b+2,3*UP~2 knockdown
This is a lot easier to abuse in the corner on more characters than in open screen. Basically after Black Adam performs any of his BNBs, he can choose to end in the 2 knockdown which leaves him at enough advantage to go for a MB dive kick 50/50 set up in which the opponent will have to guess on whether to block left or right.

2,2,3 in corner into F+3 mix up
After Black Adam lands the last hit of his 2,2,3 string on a grounded opponent in the corner, he can walk forward and do his f+3. If timed right, the f+3 will cross up as the opponent gets up. You can make this completely ambiguous on whether the f+3 will cross up or not depending on how far you walk before you do the f+3 OR if you hold down the f+3 to make it not cross up. If mastered well, you can time it so the opponent can not tell if it will cross up or not by visuals, but having to completely guess.

TIP: This scenario can also be recreated after the double f+3 knockdown. (although a little harder)

50/50 off OTG using Interactable Command Throw
Black Adam can OTG after landing an interactable command throw on both the Hall of Justice and Asylum stages and go for a 50/50 mix-up using the MB dive kick. The opponent CANNOT wake up during this set up before the dive kick makes contact. The way it works is after you use the interactable, you want to immediately do a forward jump and time the MB dive kick to either CROSS UP or NOT. Once mastered, the timing is almost impossible for your opponent to tell if the dive kick will cross up or not essentially making it a 50/50 guess.

Abusing MB Dive Kick in the Corner
Black Adam has a very dangerous corner game with the use of MB dive kick. When your opponent is in the corner and pinned against the wall, if you do an instant MB far dive kick close up, it will cross them up. An example of what this looks like is shown below:

To set this situation up you must first condition your opponent to block with Black Adam's frame advantage strings. Only THEN can you sneak in a corner MB dive kick. Use attacks such as b+1, 1,1,3, 2,2, 2,2,3, and b+2,3 to make your opponent hesitate in pressing a button afterwards. Apply some trait cancels into the mix, and your opponent is bound to misread the passing of a sneaky dive kick.

A good example of conditioning your opponent to block in the corner can be seen below. Raven does not press a button after blocking b+2,3 because she fears getting hit by d+1~shocker and cannot afford to be knocked down. She decides to respect Black Adam after b+2,3 is blocked. However, Black Adam reads this and takes the opportunity to go for a dive kick mix up.

Corner Lightning Bomb Set Ups
Black Adam can end combos with MB Black Magic and use the enormous hit advantage off of it to create lightning bomb set ups in the corner. There are some set ups which if the opponent chooses to not wake-up, they are vulnerable to Black Adam going for an UNBLOCKABLE pop up which can be seen below.

Unblockable Set Ups:

Set Up 1:

Set Up 2:

Your opponent will have to COMMIT to a wake up to avoid the unblockable lightning bomb set ups. However, Black Adam can capitalize on this by baiting their wake up and punishing accordingly. Wake ups that do not move the character FORWARD will still risk getting launched by the lightning bomb. Wake ups without full invulnerability also risk the chance of being stuffed. Wake ups where they will be able to get up and block the lightning bomb in time, are also at extreme frame disadvantage where Black Adam can still gain offense. (can be seen in example 2)

Baiting Wake-Ups With Lightning Bomb Example 1:

Baiting Wake-Ups with Lightning Bomb Example 2:

Using MB Black Magic for Guaranteed Interactable OTGS
Black Adam can end combos with MB Black Magic and use the enormous hit advantage to go for interactables that will OTG and be not be scaled. If performed right, the opponent cannot wake-up before the interactable hits and they will take FULL interactable damage. This can be done on almost every interactable both mid screen and corner with proper positioning.

Guaranteed Interactables:

Example 1:

Example 2:
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Great job compiling all this together. No lie, i was actually trying to come up with some Lightening ball set-ups in the corner the other day, but yours are much better !
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Awesome job man! Really great breakdown of tech and strategies.
Some preeeetttty broken stuff here that I did not know existed... :eek:
rofl that gif! hahahaha

Fantastic guide by the way, REO! I hope you continue to make guides for the entire cast.
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damn fuck this tech I dont even know which way to block when watching this

good stuff too reo

"Handicapped" character my ass.
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Maybe it could be possible to have a combo section where you list the optimal combo off of each string?


Damn @R.E.O. putting what I thought was my new Adam 50/50 tech out there, I was putting together a whole video on j1 xx MB Boot Stomp 50/50's before throwing it out, but this whole post is better than anything I could ever write for Adam. Good shit!

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@R.E.O. This is great stuff you must have Black Adam as your secret side main or something you know a lot about him.

For the 113~trait cross up bootstomp, the opponent can choose to block standing or crouching, and that can change how bootstomp hits. I much rather prefer 112~trait, because it is an overhead that they must always block standing. I made a thread all about the juicy cross up bootstomp here:
Against some characters you can choose to a forward jump 2 instead of neutral jump 1, and that effectively makes it a 33/33/33 mixup.

I now see that you can change it up and do a forward jump delayed close bootstomp, never thought of that, very interesting and useful.

For the bomb setup, you can start it from 223 and MB bootstomp too. The combos go something like this:
223, NJ3~CBS, walk back a bit, D2~MB lightning storm, close bomb.
MB bootstomp, NJ3~CBS, walk back a bit, D2~MB lightning storm, close bomb.
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Amazing! Thanks for the post. I've been struggling with the Lightning Bomb stuff lately and this gives me that extra knowledge to help improve in that aspect. Also props for the detailed 113 Trait to MB divekick set ups. I use them regularly but forget about character specifics sometimes, resulting in whiffs and blow ups.
Thanks again man! @R.E.O.


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Stickied. Tons of good info that I was way too lazy to put on here. Good stuff @R.E.O.

Mastering all of these strategies posted is basically how to use Adam at the highest level. I mean other than these techs you basically just have to be smart defensively and it can easily be game over for the opponent.

If I ever remember to I may add some more stuff to this post later with some extra tips and notes if you dont mind.