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I just got MKDA again(its been five years since I played it)


Just got the xbox version for $4.99 and I gotta say...this game is almost a completely different game O.O I don't remember there being any "reversals" or "shoves" all I remember is that you could impale your weapon..
Now I see what some of you mean by saying this game is not broke, I tried my best with open air juggles and I only got up to 47% with kenshi.
This game is just....so different then what I remembered, I think it is because I played MKD and MKA alot more.

I was wondering what the high level play would be like for this game? This game is much easier then MKD or MKA because the throws are blockable, so I bet it would not be that hard to master.
And so far, I think this has to be the best MK game yet.
I loved Deadly Alliance, for about the first 2 hours, it just lost its luster so fast that it wasnt even worth playing anymore...