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Question Human Smoke select screen leak?



Most sites are saying it's legit. The original pic was taken down by imageshack for violation. This was re-upped by someone over at MKO.


Yeah, like I've said a few times I think the hair in game is more like that pic. Match it up with this one and the "afro" may just be a bad picture. Like Cage's and few others on the select screen. Some people won't like it either way and that's cool.


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Grandpa Smoke looks awesome!

I bet he will be broken. < The good kind of Broken, not Shitty Broken...


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In MK9 Smoke is revealed as Sindel's big brother... either that or Sindel is announced as a transvestite.

Seriously though, I think Smoke looks awesome and I'm even more hyped now...

What specials did he have in UMK3 anyway... just spear and teleport, right? Wonder what else he'll have..


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lol, I think Smoke looks pretty cool. It's different for him, and looks older for sure. I just have to get used to the white afro...

I wonder what his alternate will be.


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Smoke looks awesome! I just need some gameplay images of him to sweeten the deal.
I actually like the Smoke leaks so far.

Although, NRS have really struggled to make Smoke an interesting CHARACTER, so we'll see how this iteration goes. (His new backstory already makes him a little more interesting, so here's hoping!)
smoke was my fav but now its ermac but they made him look so dumb with the hair i wish it was just scorpion clone like the old days or cyborg smoke