How much “cinema” do we want within matches

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Do fatal blows and krushing blows result in too much time watching cinematic cut scenes?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. TackyHaddock

    TackyHaddock Salty Mashers Krew
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    The various X-ray-inspired cinematic cut scenes of fatal blows and krushing blows are amazing at first, second and potentially even 50th glance. But many in this community like to grind long sets no matter which NRS game it is. Imagine, in the aggregate, the total percentage of time within matches themselves, from “fight” to “finish him” that we’d end up having to watch those same cinematic cut scenes over and over again: seems like an unusually high percentage of actual match time watching cinematic reruns.

    Even if a particular krushing blow or fatal blow is not that long by itself, the aggregate percentage of total match time taken up by cinematic cut scenes seems far higher in this game than MKX, where x rays were not even that frequently used in competitive play due to meter management and the fact that many one bar combos did more damage.

    Don’t get me wrong I love movies. But with those I like to chomp popcorn rather than mash buttons. I’d prefer most of the time within matches be spent on my beloved button mashing.
  2. John_NX

    John_NX Noob

    Oh God please yes. It totally ruins everything for me. Unless it's something like an environmental interactable.
  3. villainous monk

    villainous monk Break bread over a whiskey n rocks. Like a man.

    Not to argue the point before I get started but cinematic moves and transitions are in almost every fighter now. Even in mortal Kombat itself. Like you said.

    It adds to the wow or fight factor in games. From Tekken 7 to Dbfz. It's what get crowds hyped and not only that is a way to strategically use it to ones advantage.

    Sorry but it's here stay at least in this game.
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  4. TackyHaddock

    TackyHaddock Salty Mashers Krew
    Premium Supporter

    I understand the wow factor. But what about when grinding long sets? Let’s say the cut scenes represent 10% of time within a match (just a guess). If you played 100 hours of game play, that’s 10 hours of watching the same movie mid-match
  5. trufenix


    The slowdowns are for hit confirming crushing blow activations. You'll thank them in pools.
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  6. Mikemetroid

    Mikemetroid MK Mythologies: Injustice 2
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    shits gonna get old quick lol
  7. Alec

    Alec Noob

    It's too soon to tell, but I think it's not too much time.

    Krushing Blows are really quick, some of them are quicker than some grab animations (and people don't have trouble with those) and I feel they REALLY are a big part of gameplay. They have all kinds of requirements to trigger, to the point they have an element of surprise, not simply because, but rather emphasized by the cinematics.

    Fatal Blows take a bit longer, they are closer to the actual X-Rays, and now they are an important mechanic, thus will be used more frequently, so, in this case, I can see your point. However, like it's been said before, but cinematic supers (and not only) are a part of a lot of fighting games. Also, it's worth noting that you can only use it once per match, which mitigates a bit of repetition.
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  8. CallMeTetris

    CallMeTetris draxx them sklounst

    I don't mind the crushing blows at all, they're (relatively) fast and some sort of slowdown or hitstop is good for a strong visual confirm of the ones you can properly combo from. Should that hitstop take the form it does? that's debatable but personally i don't think they're too intrusive

    the fatal blows, though.....they're long and we'll be seeing a lot of them. I want to say it's not worse than any of, say, sf4's lengthier ultras but something about them really does just feel a lil bit long. I absolutely wouldn't mind them being shorter.
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  9. PapaRegadetho

    PapaRegadetho All hail emperor Liucifer Kang!

    They last for like 60 frames dude,its not its like another super or anything. Tekken has zoom ins that last just like the krushing blows,but it looks way cooler. Plus,there are requierments to do them, counter hits might be the easiest,but there will be some hidden gems in there to bring some hype!
  10. ChatterBox

    ChatterBox Searching for an alt.
    Premium Supporter

    Did you not see how much shorter the combos are? I don't think it'll really be any slower than getting bounced around by Kung Jin or Liu Kang in mkx for a week. And Sun God Kotal took three years to command throw you and everyone wet their pants over it.

    Fatal Blows don't seem longer than any other super (in all 4 NRS games so far) and they can only be done once per game, which some characters in other games could easily hit 2 or 3.
  11. buyacushun

    buyacushun Normalize grab immunity.

    At most we'll be seeing the FBs a lot. This might get tiresome since they take so long. The CBs are pretty quick, have a prerequisite, and are once per match. I'm wondering how does it feel to have it pause like that though. It's one thing to watch a cinematic a lot over the course of 20 matches. It's another thing to have a bunch of slow downs and pauses throughout every match while you're playing
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  12. STB Sgt Reed

    STB Sgt Reed Online Warrior

    Block the fatal blow and you don't have to watch it :p
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  13. TackyHaddock

    TackyHaddock Salty Mashers Krew
    Premium Supporter

    The difference is that combos actually involve gameplay, a cut scene is just a repeated forced period of passivity amidst an otherwise intense competition.
  14. TackyHaddock

    TackyHaddock Salty Mashers Krew
    Premium Supporter

    But the two best counterpoints that have been made above are (1) that you can apparently combo off of krushing blows (after the animation) which I did not realize from the reveal event; and (2) certain ones require special inputs/game conditions to execute which perhaps makes them more rewarding and less reviled .

    If true, those are mitigating factors for sure, what remains unknown at this juncture is whether the sheer repetitiveness over thousands of games outweighs those factors.
  15. MioTenacious

    MioTenacious "There is fear in your heart"

    This ^
  16. MadPropz101

    MadPropz101 "I still got it...but not much of it"

    No, especially because all of them can only be done once per match, and you might not even get the konditions to do most.
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  17. TackyHaddock

    TackyHaddock Salty Mashers Krew
    Premium Supporter

    Your point re konditions is korrect
  18. villainous monk

    villainous monk Break bread over a whiskey n rocks. Like a man.

    Your reaching a bit. If you play smart and block and use the very same mechanics I'm sure it won't be a issue.

    Again it's here to stay. Also it there to help you win as well.
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  19. TackyHaddock

    TackyHaddock Salty Mashers Krew
    Premium Supporter

    Poll seems pretty split. I guess we’ll find out once we’ve all had the chance to grind long sets.

    Interesting arguments on both sides
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  20. FoughtDragon01

    FoughtDragon01 12, 12, 12, 12 x Nutpunch OP

    This reminds me of the people freaking out over Doom 2016's glory kill mechanic. They thought it'd be a massive interruption to an otherwise fast paced game until they actually played it and realized it fit into the flow quite well. Most of us have only watched the game so far, but I think it'll feel much different and more natural once we're the ones behind the controller.
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  21. Trini_Bwoi

    Trini_Bwoi Noob

    Scorpion's olympic spear twirling lasts longer than any krushing blow
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  22. Pterodactyl

    Pterodactyl Best Sheeva player in MKX

    Yeah this is the second post I seen worried about the length, but these attacks are never longer than about 0.5-1 second each lmao.

    Fatal Blows are just X-Rays again so that’s not new either. Modern fighters have supers, it’s just how it is.

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