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Kitana & Skarlet
I'm feeling ambivalent.

Part of me is really happy, this is the most honest NRS game I feel to date. I don't think anything is game-breaking, ya know?

But then a part of me kind of misses the chaos that existed with patches completely reordering tier lists in the other games and the NRS scrambling to try and make different games out of the one they released.

I think that the game is growing a bit stale for me, but that's any game without a patch. If you are a more casual orientated player (like myself) then the game does feel more stale. But I am trying to break the mold into the competitive scene so it isn't too terrible. Fighting games always grow old fast, because it is repetitive Without a patch it is going to get stale.


Bomb Setups & Ball Rolls(Mileena/Cyrax)
I actually like MK11 in ways I didn't think possible. Despite F-Neutral tools being present its astonishingly based more on footsie(Spacing) than previous titles. MK9/X where great in their own ways but this alone bumps it above the others.

What I'm not a fan of:

I'd be fine with all pokes being at least -6 on block to help the meta (online) and hitboxes being fixed across the board is a must along with Krushing Blow requirements being redesigned and maybe damage. There are a few Fatal Blows that are far to strong (Jax/Erron) and the Meter system is an awesome concept but certain moves are very cheap to abuse like Cetrions teleport or Scorpions HPC should either take twice as long to regenerate the bar or cost two bars. Combos are very limited and I feel they could reduce limitations (allow multiple KBs in combo) or make more strings launch.

But all in all this game is awesome in so many ways.
  • Fatal Blows are game changers and world better than XRays.
  • Krushing Blows are a very cool tool to add damage and comeback factor.
  • Spacing is very important compared to X and its slowed down forcing opponents to work to open up good players.
  • mix is more honest in 11 not being tied to HTBs, Cancel Pressure and true 50/50s like MKX. Its mainly staggers, shimmy, space control, number of hits and reads that open up your opponent which I find refreshing.
  • Characters are toned down compared to previous MK's. Our S Tiers would be Mid Tier in X. One character in MKX had looping overhead/lows that could be canceled to be plus 15-20 on block with HTBs and resets including 80% combos.
I think MK11 is the best fighter out currently but definitely needs a balance patch soon. Hitboxes, KB's, FB's, and Meter regen needs to be adjusted. With that I think MK11 could be the best fighter of all time.


Premium Supporter
Generally, I love the game. Some things i'djme to see changed/fixed:

Poke system is kind of nuts. But only for some characters. Others seem to have a relatively normal set of pokes, and then you have Geras who can just mash d1 all day. Hell, I would even add Shang's d3 to the list of dumb pokes, but at least it doesn't have stupid range.

Hitbox issues. I have gotten hit by shit while BEHIND my opponent. Geras' Fatal Blow and leg drag have both hit me while I was behind him and that is just fucking stupid.

Nerf the top 5 and lessen the amount of "fuck neutral". Seriously. When I pick Kano or Shang or Shao Kahn and play against somebody who's not using a top 5 character, the game feels amazing to play. Good pace, impactful hits, making reads or even simply whiff punishing correctly feels incredibly rewarding. And then you play against Geras and you want to hang yourself. Or Erron. Or Sonya who still plays MKX.

Lastly, maybe start adding more competitive variations for characters. I know this will likely happen at some point, but I was hoping we would get new ones sooner rather than later.


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I love the game, love the flawless block, love the mechanics love the pace of the game. Only thing i want is hit boxes fixed and maybe custom variations allowed but that last one is probably not gonna happen soon but im fine with it for now.


It's got a long way to go, really.

Frame data needs overhaul, toning down the cheese, and fixing the hitboxes/whiffs are things that need to happen. And if some stuff is designed around flawless block being used, that should be reconsidered since I still don't think I've seen anyone online use flawless block.

And like from the OP...yeah it'd be nice if one could use one's strings. Depending on the character, one may barely use them. And it's pretty eh if depending on one's character your big option most of the time when defending is to try to throw.

NaCl man

Welcome to Akihabara
Its a decent game the major issue is the characters that dont have to play the game.

Sonya, erron and scorpion are rule breakers of the worst kind imo.

That and why would you give zoners a teleport? Thats like giving guile a teliport lol.

As i said its a good game but to be honest its not quite there for me. On saying that its the best nrs title to date and some small tweeks it could be great.

Lets see how the first patch turns out.
I hope they dont butcher the meta and teir swap loke sfv did.
I am fine, ty for asking ^^

Ok, i am having a blast with the game. The upgraded animation (they are not perfect by any means, but the stiff animation need to go away and mk11 is on the right track), the core mechanics and the kontent are all good. The only thing that i really dislike for now is the roster. The new entrys just didn't do it for me, and overall a lot of fan favorites are missing without reason.


AKA Uncle Kano
All in all, I'm happy with it. There are some points I want to address..
  • We need to have No pushback on pokes. This alone makes key matchups all the more harder because with proper spacing it provides the poke user with a favorable neutral position despite the poke being block. Take Scorpion or Jade for instance. Proper spacing of d4 pushes even the likes of Johnny who has some of the best ranges out of range. I don't like how we have a meta that encourages use of pokes in this fashion. Reversal throws are a part of the poke game, some characters completely negate this (Erron I'm looking at you). We need to have an even fundamental playing field for all characters. Not saying it makes matchups unwinnable, but it is a mindgame that is heavily in favor of the character who can adopt this playstyle.

  • Fix the hitboxes obviously

  • Throw animation recovery needs to less evasive. It's a stupid feature on already stupidly strong characters

  • Low crushing mids need to go - at least for hitconfirmable strings. This is not something a lot of characters have to deal with, but if you play Kotal or Johnny, generally someone without fast mids you can punish you for disrespecting frames you will definitely know the pain of throwing out a d4 - which is essential for them to start their pressure game - to be beat by Jacqui's f3. Erron's have the same property. Jax too, but he is balanced out by the fact it has 0 range. "Why dont you just jab combo start" - because sometimes moves have pushback so f3 will still clip my ass.


Solidly Mediocre
I was originally going to skip the game, but I buy most all of these things and couldn't do it. As a meh skilled player that tosses all their free time into these things only to still suck, I think it has a thing or two going for it that helps me out a lot personally.

The big thing is I feel like there is less character in between you and your opponent than in a lot of games. That's a statement probably needs explaining. Some characters in some games have so much razzle dazzle it's hard to tell what is going on. You almost end up having to know their character as good or better than the person playing them, while they potentially gain mid grade success generally ignoring even how the game is played. (feel free to insert obligatory Scorpion comments right about here)

I really was loving SC6 and was feeling like I wanted to keep at it long term, but there are so many characters doing nutty things that requires an education to find your way through. You have to recognize crazy happening, and discourage it enough that somebody kills themselves or starts trying fight for real. You end up having to defeat Azwel or whomever as a character long before you are ever put in a position where you get to play the actual person using him. That's just a level of education and talents I'm not sure I can ever keep up with. Even after hundo hours of study and playing there are characters I just felt helpless against. I've never really felt that way in MK11.

With MK11, it feels like you are generally playing the person. It's not that there isn't anything to know, or that characters aren't unique, it's just that there is more transparency it what is happening. When I get hit I can generally understand why. I may not be able to fix the problem in the moment, but I can probably walk away with some sense of what happened and what to try. When I lose, I generally feel like they were much better, or I just let someone stupid me to death. I was able to gain more by learning how the game works the in the general sense than having to deal with problem characters. I end up not feeling as frustrated by my own ignorance, and people looking to just cheese wins off of people don't gain near as much traction with me.

I don't mind fighting most characters in the game. Scorpion doesn't bother me at all. EB does a little not being able to fuzzy the slide online, but I get what's happening. He's just a dick.


casual kahnage
Its a decent game the major issue is the characters that dont have to play the game.

Sonya, erron and scorpion are rule breakers of the worst kind imo.

That and why would you give zoners a teleport? Thats like giving guile a teliport lol.

As i said its a good game but to be honest its not quite there for me. On saying that its the best nrs title to date and some small tweeks it could be great.

Lets see how the first patch turns out.
I hope they dont butcher the meta and teir swap loke sfv did.
Shao Kahn needs a teleport. Dude can travel between realms at will but can’t get out of the corner.
Competitively mk has never been better than this. The structure of the game is very good, but, having a game that is planned to be played at neutral and using intelligence, and still including shit like erron blacks big boot is a non sense and fucks with the fairness.

Aside from hitbox issues, bullshit coming from some chars....the game is amazing.

And by the way....you are pleasing mkx which is a wrankfest....so....all you said regarding mk11 does not make sense if you like mkx. It is just your taste. I think you prefer fast things over a better well paced gameplay.
I love the game itself and I hate everything that has to do with single player content, the Krypt and unlocking items/skins.

Only tweaks I want to see is more advantage on hit for pokes, so characters who don't run a 9-10f mid can hit-confirm jailing into 1 or 2, even online.
Then I'd like throws to only grab people out of recovery frames, not startup frames. I find it ridiculous how throws beat you out of mashing crouching pokes. You basically make the right read and get punished for being a few frames off.

Also would like mids to have the same ridiculous hitbox that throws currently have.

Then a couple of adjustments to Krushing Blow requirements and hitbox issues that some characters have.

Then let the patch rock a couple of weeks before you adjust frame data, to see how ridiculous Johnny is going to be when he actually has KBs and doesn't whiff shit against half the cast.

Oh yeah and overhaul the whole Krypt/ToT. Those suck so much ass, it's hard to find words for it without going apeshit.
Frame data needs overhaul, toning down the cheese, and fixing the hitboxes/whiffs are things that need to happen. And if some stuff is designed around flawless block being used, that should be reconsidered since I still don't think I've seen anyone online use flawless block.
You gotta be hella bad and probably don't have any concept of how this game is supposed to play if you don't meet people flawless blocking online.
That or you're one of those people who play on McDonalds WIFI.


Send the Wolf
MK11 is damn near everything I wanted from an NRS game. Of course it needs work, every fighting game does within it's first year. It is hard for me to understand why people find the game boring. I have heard all of the arguments, but I just do not agree with them at all. To each their own. If it is boring to anyone, drop it like it's hot.
I am frustrated but that is because I'm eternally discontent thanks to depression

This is a great game, it brought me back in as soon as I saw the gameplay. Before MK11, I hadn't played since Injustice original. MKX cut the cord for me, I did not enjoy playing nor watching, took me less than 10 hours to drop it entirely. Didn't jump back in for I2 as I'm not really a fan of the comic/DC theme in general, I only followed up and gave the original a try because of how much I loved the MK9 gameplay.

I would like to see some tweaks, but I'm neverous that they're going to make the game worse by tweaking too much


Head Cage
MK11 is a pretty shallow fighter. The game has the same problem with the variation system as it did in MKX where some characters had imbalanced variations while other character feel like they have their limbs cut off and seperated into two different variations which makes those characters incomplete.

The neutral of the game feels solid, but it contains mechanics thay contradict it while characters posses tools that do the same. It seems the developers wanted to go for a more Street Fighter like fighter, but with the removal of options and tools from characters and the implementation of universal mechanics this game feels very slim. It seems like they were modeling this game after SFV rather than USFIV. Definitely feels that way. MK11 is nrs' version of SFV, but I will say that you get randomed out less in this game than you do in SFV; however, the game still posses MKisms that go against the grain of the SFisms that were added to it which leaves the game feeling jank and awkward. Pokes are heavily promoted, but you barely get anything off of them while in SF you can at least combo off of low pokes. Throws can't be escaped with the throw button, but instead one has to guess which direction they're being thrown in and hit the button associated with whatever direction they may think they're heading in. The wakeup system is a complete guessing game. The list goes on.

Tournaments are boring to watch because it's the same characters doing the same strategies. A lot of characters lack setups, characters don't have gimmicks, there are no vortexes or cross ups. The mechanics of this game remove depth than actually encourage it.

I wanted a fighter this gen that rewarded players for strong fundamentals. A fighter that was easy to pick up and play, but did not lower the skill ceiling, or at least lower it severely. I wanted a fighter were I wont get randomed out due to bullshit tools characters posses or mechanics that favor bad players and reverse the tables.

I got that fighter. It's called Samurai Shodown.


A Hitbox Pirate - YARRR -
I feel like I've had a good amount of fun with it, but it might be time to put it down. The game needs hitbox fixes yesterday. Those aren't balance changes; those are bug fixes and they're two months late.
The game also needs a balance pass pretty severely. This one, well I don't have much hope for. NRS has a poor track record here. But regardless, that's what the game actually needs.

I'll enjoy watching EVO and see if NRS is serious about this game having legs.


I love the gameplay and the meta and I like how they removed some things in order to keep the meta more focused.

In taking some things away (like invincible backdashes, armor, launching invincible wakeups, traditional meter build) they actually made a lot of other options more appealing and necessary and the way all of these options interact is ( in my opinion) more focused and more sophisticated than any previous NRS game I've played.

There are some issues with balance, the single player experience outside of tutorial and training is pretty terrible, and the working conditions at NRS and in the gaming industry are pretty shit. But as for gameplay, this is the best they've ever put out imo.