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How do >>you<< beat motaro?

Tim Static

JK with any character. Jump backwards and hit kick to snuff out all of Motaro's moves.
Yeah, you should be able to just JK him to death, but its alot faster to just SUJK, into JKS, autocombo. Rinse, repeat. Even using JK is giving Motardo too much of a chance to cheese out a win.


A living, Breathing Piece of Defecating Meat
Jade: green kick to death. It's fun because sometimes each GC makes the game look like its gonna crash lol. When he jumps, obviously go for 2 GCs

ninjas: teleport, if he blocks (90% of the time), go for auto combo, make a slight pause, teleport and repeat.

with almost everyone, do an autocombo (it has to connect) but stop it at the last hit, jump over him and repeat, always cutting off the last hit. Sometimes the last 2 hits. He will just make a small jump and eat every autocombo. It adds to the combo meter actually, lol 99% combo against motaro
The quickest way is to be Sheeva and just teleport on him and use her 7 hit combo.
Smoke (human) and Scorpion: Just teleport and 4 Punch combo and 4 Kick combo him.
Shang Tsung: use his ground volcano inf.