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How Cassie should look


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but the aftermath skin for her was not cool ? I think they (NRS) did ok giving that , after the mess they did with her before the Harley Quinn cosplay outfit was released, hehe :p


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Yeah I hear you, but let's be real.. Women who 'train' have all kinds of different shapes and sizes. It depends on their natural body type/build, what specific exercises they are doing, their diet, etc. I can do the same exercises as you and look different in different areas than you will.

There are absolutely no circumstances under which you can define what "a woman's butt should look like", with one right way to do it, and that's it. We spend far more time complaining about every detail of a woman's anatomy (but especially face/butt/bust size/etc) for female video game characters than we do for men. It's ridiculous.

It keeps us from having more diverse female archetypes because everyone decides "A woman shouldn't look like that" or "This is how a woman's chest/butt/face/etc. should look".
Thats fair, some diversity between body types all within the realm of "fit" would make sense to me for an MK game. The men have the same problem with that, they're all absolute fuckin units when you would think Liu Kang would be significantly smaller, leaner, and more nimble than someone like Jax who is more of a bruiser or Sub-Zero who is supposed to be a defensive wall . But they all have very similar builds. Obviously women face the double standard of not being hot enough or whatever which is unfortunate, I just do think a woman like Cassie Cage would look more like the pictures that deathstroke posted just because that is the type of build someone like her would have. And you're right of course, genetics, you and I or anyone off the street would have different results with different exercises, im just kind of thinking she would have a slightly leaner body composition and more visibe muscles.