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  1. ChaosTheory

    ChaosTheory A fat woman came into the shoe store today...

    Can one of you guys that organizes PM here or preferably on MKU with some info about what you guys do and where? I'm in Spring/The Woodlands.
  2. Showtime

    Showtime Reptile/Sonya

    Houston Players. We have been grinding it out for showdown. Casualas are going down at least 3 times this week and next for level up sessions. Tonight will be another session if you missed yesterdays you need to be here. Me, Cat, and Scar are doing nothing but leveling up and want everyone from houston to be there. We had 6 ppl yesterday and 2 evo monitor setups. Come on out send me a PM if your intrested in coming. Tonight will be in the katy area but we also play in NW houston
  3. unVINCEable

    unVINCEable As you think, so shall you become. -Bruce Lee-

    let me know when you go to the Woodlands again please!
  4. Showtime

    Showtime Reptile/Sonya

    Well be there for showdown. Will you be attending
  5. unVINCEable

    unVINCEable As you think, so shall you become. -Bruce Lee-

    im gonna try depends on my job...alot of people asked off for that weekend since its Easter...whomp whomp
  6. mr nobody

    mr nobody Noob

    I will be at showdown !
  7. Cat

    Cat This guy looks kind of tuff...

    Hit us up. So we can have you at our casuals. It's about 7-8 ppl right now. We all get together with about 3 set ups and go in all night.
    Anyone who is down in the Houston area shoot me a text for info on the next meet 832-655-0396
  8. Showtime

    Showtime Reptile/Sonya

    Were playing casuals saturday at cats place. Any new comers welcome just message me or Cat with your number. Stream will be up and running on saturday
  9. Red Reaper

    Red Reaper The Hyrax Whisperer

    Hey guys.. Whenever you guys are having sessions or anything let me know.

    Been here since after Dallas and haven't gotten to play anybody here yet.
  10. Showtime

    Showtime Reptile/Sonya

    Red Reaper

    Well be having casuals tommorow, I hit your # from David and ill call you when I'm at cats

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  11. Red Reaper

    Red Reaper The Hyrax Whisperer

    Alright.. Sounds good.

    You know around what time?
  12. Showtime

    Showtime Reptile/Sonya

    Red Reaper

    Whenever you want well be playing all day long

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  13. pkrstdnt

    pkrstdnt Noob

    Texas Bar Fights 10 (TBFX) is next Saturday. Check out info here.
  14. havent played in many months, former alias's Redbeard (when i lived in denver), and master g.

    I live in the beaumont area of tx, got a few of a crew here about 5+ of us. Plan on getting back compettiive on this game and starting up on injustice when it releases.
  15. Showtime

    Showtime Reptile/Sonya

    How far is that from me, like by the heights area

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  16. Cat

    Cat This guy looks kind of tuff...

    Y'all should come to this. Always a good crowd and lots of competition.

  17. Cat Showtime FCP/EMP SCAR Starcharger28 etc..

    all you KH guys...

    I owe you all an apology.. there was I time when I slept on you guys hard but damn was I a fool. You guys are some of the best players we have here and your scene is growing and really helping the community grow and level up. I just want to apologize for my past ego ever having me looking past you guys. The mistakes I made in MK9 really humbled me and I don't want any of that BS going on in IGAU.

    Anyway, best of luck to you at EVO in MK9 and all the best in IGAU. You guys are all great players..
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  18. Thanks 4 all the respect and acknowledgement tom, yea the fact that most ppl downplayed out abilities really fueled us to work and get better to show n prove that we were not to be slept on, We have come an long way since the early times of MK9 and have recruited plenty of new members and made our presence felt, and that number is growing with the release of injustice, i see nothing but good things ahead. :)
  19. There are IGAU players here in Houston? Where and when do I have to go to get in on this. I got a lot of work to do to get decent at this. Hell I'd be willing to host up here on the NW side.
  20. Cat

    Cat This guy looks kind of tuff...

    Theres a ton of houston injustice players
    check out our youtube and twitch channel we stream on


    i host a ton of casuals..
    if you have facebook ill add you to the group page for houston fighters.. we usually post when we having casuals on there

  21. Showtime

    Showtime Reptile/Sonya

    thanks Tom Brady can't wait to get sets in with you in Injustice

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  22. Hey I appreciate it. I'll definitely check it all out. I unfortunately don't deal with Facebook though. Is there any set days that these sessions take place? What area do they take place in? I'd love to get some experience before my next tournament. I'm gonna miss UFGT but I might make Evo. I'll make Summerjam for sure.
  23. Cat

    Cat This guy looks kind of tuff...

    ill pm you
  24. Maniak

    Maniak Nightwing & Batgirl

    hey im an injustice player from houston im off of 290 near beltway 8. i need some people to play sets with online lag is so inconsistant. xbox gamertag xoxMANIAKxox need good training partners to level up thanks guys!!! Also says the group is closed :(
  25. What up... I know that some of you KH guys are planning on going to Evo... I was wondering if you guys wanted to come up here and train in Dallas at the House of Goons the weekend before we head out to Vegas... I think we all could benefit from playing each other, sharing some info, and working on some match up stuff.

    Let's up TX on the map this year.

    - I.C.E.

    P.S. what up greatone1939!

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