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Video/Tutorial - Fisticuffs help me please ;_;

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yeah i know what u mean about them online ninjutsu scorps, i've played against one, its not that i can't beat them but their play style is annoying and makes it tricky to deal with unless your used to it, example (teleporting empty or otherwise after blocked f2, throwing you any time they get within an inch of you, overusing b4, respect your plus frames only when they feel like it, etc) Its easier if you have a character that can full combo punish anything but a max ranged f2 from scorp.
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You need to take advantage of ex buffs. F3 into it then either d4 or f2. D4 on hit you want throw for 17% or b12121 as it does considerable chip.

Stagger b1 like you would lao, bait armor etc. B1 into throw is dumb.

Don't do f24 f3nut. Do f24 12 run 12 f3 nut.

When you get the timings down do f24 d1 f24 d1 f3 nut.

17% throws are op and activate ex buffs from anything you can, even d4s on block and f2 or f24.

After ex shadow on hit you need go in fast standing 1 is shit b1 is 1 frame slower and mid so this is your go to button.

Use f3 alot more either cancelled on block into buffs or hit confirmed into f24 as this links. Throw in 113 ex buffs this links to f3 nut on hit.

Practice hit confirming b12121 into ex buffs f4 f24 d1 f3nut. Its much better than ex nut as you activate bumps and have stronger follow up.

30% combo into b1 stagger 17% throw is almost half a life bar. Its very good .


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Hey Dink! Good to see someone using this variation:)
Some comments, I'll try not to be repetitive with Zionix tips.

About speedbag:

Speedbag is your friend an your enemy. Check the link in my signature to see his whiffing issues to take them into account when you face certain characters. Ironically, Quan is one of those that creates the most annoying set of whiffing issues for the string. If you more or less get to know when your speedbag is likely to whiff, you will avoid unpleasant surprises. With some characters you can consistentely get like 6 reps on block, with others 4, with others even after the second hit you can get a whiff. So the string is pretty unreliable.

However, speedbag builds a good amount of chip, and will usually be your main way to do it. When you use it, analize your opponent to see his/her knowledge of the string, or lack of it, and abuse or not accordingly lol. Be unpredictable, vary the reps on block you do, bait armor, backdash, and if you see they often crouch it blocking (because it creates a bit more pushback) you can do f24.

It's hard to open people up with fisticuffs if they know the matchup, so it's important to learn optimal/quasi optimal combos to punish hard when you have a chance. For example, midscreen meterless f24 1 f24 d1 f3 nutpunch is 28%. If you don't feel comfortable with the timing, there are variations involving one or two runs that do similar damage.

About mb fistbump:

As you know, it enables 17% throw, which is probably best asset of the variation now.

Be careful because sometimes when you want to activate regular version, if you try to block too soon you will get ex version accidentally and waste a bar. To activate regular one and be able to block as soon as possible you almost have to input it as if it was an ex move and not a mb one.

Only blockstring midscreen involving mb fistbump is 4~mbfistbump f34. It can be useful.
However, other cancels are plus and the opponent can't get out even with a 6f poke. They have to armor or backdash. For example, in things like f2~mbfistbump or f3~mbfistbump on block, the opponent will eat a b1 because you are left at around +6, iirc.

113 into mb fistbump is a punishable on block cancel, but you will get away with it many times.
If the low on 113 lands, you can continue with f3 nut midscreen, or other continuations in the corner, doing like 40% damage.

Speedbag on hit into mb fistbump f4 leads to combo and restand into the chance of speedbag pressure or throw. F3~mbfistbump also allows to combo after with f24 into same situation.

When you hit confirm a speedbag is your choice whether to continue the combo with exnut or with mbfistbump, depending on the options you want to get after the nutpunch.

I'll leave here a small video I made after last patch showing some of the new combo possibilities involving mb fistbump:

Other kind of combos that are not in the video: Mb fistbump can be activated in between some combos when you are juggling the opponent, for example f24 12~mbfistbump f3 nutpunch, midscreen.

General comments:

Your goal with this variation (even more than with the other two) should be sending them to the corner, there the busted throw/speedbag mixups fest starts. and if you play well your options it's usually ggs.

You are used to play with Quan, so probably being free on knockdown won't be an issue, but now Cage more or less is, since only armor wakeup is a high.

Be surgical with exkicks since you will need meter for mbfistbumps. Best way to use exkicks is on reaction after a projectile, so you guarantee the hit.

Don't underestimate the forceballs for keepaway, specially with fistbump enabled.
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Your main bnb should be f24-12-run-12-f3-nut for 26%, unless you can do f24-(s1 or d1)-F24-d1-f3-nut for 28%.

One thing that is really important is hit confirming speedbag into exbuff-f4 in the corner. You can get 41% off of it. (b12121212-exbuff-f4-b12-b121-b121-b1212121212-nut = 41%. I often leave out the last two hits for 39%.) If you have another bar of meter you can do 333-exforceball for an additional 12% guaranteed.

For the most part you can get 6 hits of speedbag before it starts to whiff. (the most possible is 7). If the opponent is crouch blocking theres more pushback and speedbag is more likely to whiff depending on the character. For some characters the 5th hit of speedbag consistently whiffs while crouch blocking, so thats something to be mindful of.

F3-exbuff is +6, meaning that unless they armor or backdash b1 will beat anything they do afterward.
333-exbuff is +5 so this is what I usually use after a nutpunch if I'm willing to spend a bar for it.

One thing that I like to do vs wakeups is do b1 then block for a split second. If they wakeup then I often recover after the b1 in time to block their wakeup. If they dont wakeup then I can just stagger speedbag.


There it is...
As general johnny play.

I didnt watch it all but just a few games

11 walk back and 114 walk back.

If they poke f3 will full punish them. Really underrated tool.

Forces them to respect staggers to another level.

Prepatch a list this was one of my fave tools.
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