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Breakthrough Green Arrow's Block Infinite


This one's for you
B2 = 15 frames
B23 = +15

Technically nothing in this game is a true block infinite because of pushblock, but your opponent is basically forced to spend meter to avoid taking damage.

If not timed perfectly, it can be escaped with armor, super or backdash. In the corner it can't even be escaped with backdash because the second hit will catch them during their recovery.

They can choose to eat the hits which is either 9% or 14% depending on whether they block the first hit. Midscreen this can't be followed up with any combo, but in the corner you can check them with a low freeze which would give you a full combo and is +3 on block.

This should be treated like a time infinite because it would take about 220 repetitions to chip the other player through 1 life bar (and 46 repetitions to build 1 bar of meter). If you don't have the life lead this won't get you very far.
Being that I am newbie to fighting game lingo.
Even if you sat there and explained it to me - it would take me awhile to digest.

Can you video this at some point with each component you are speaking of here represented in the video?
I am genuinely interested, seems important enough to where it would make a great video break down.

Sorry for incorrect info before, training mode is weird.

Scenario 1
Computer Green Arrow b2,3
Player blocking.
b2,3 is a BLOCK infinite. You cannot jump, or armor launch out of it.

Scenario 2.
Player Green Arrow
Computer blocking
b2,3 pushes back after the third rep.

One of these is correct. Someone test it with a real human person lol.


This one's for you
Timing it down to the frame is surprisingly easy. It might be more than +15.

Even though there's a small hole in this, it's still huge for his pressure imo. If the other person knows to wait until the b2 eventually whiffs, you can just take a slight step forward to keep that from happening. If they know you're going to take a step forward they might press buttons, so you can always keep them in check with f2d13 instead.
And this is all conditioning them to never block low, so you'll be able to land a random slide into d1~freeze pretty easily.