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It's definitely just timing, d3 recovers much faster than uppercuts so if you time it just right it looks like the d3->d2 is seamless. I'd say it's just a timing/patience thing, you actually have more than enough time to do all 3 off a 11 bf1 cancel, but you can't mash (I used to mash d2s during bf1 until I realized that particular optimal doesn't allow for it).

If you're patient and wait for the uppercuts to complete you should be good.
Awesome man, thanks very much for the advice. DIdnt get a chance to test it tonight but I will as soon as I get home from work tomorrow. Respect!

Name v.5.0

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Corner setups with DB3 are going to be huge. You can do f212, d1, f212~bf1(a), d2, db3, f11+34 and they have to figure out what you’re going to do with the clone. If you do f221+3 and it beats forward rolls and a ton of wake ups by keeping you back. Or you can explode the clone. If you decide to pop it and they launch, you can squeeze out a big combo for around 33%. If you pop it and they block, you’re +12 and get a free shot at command grab.

The threat of popping the clone is going to mean command grabs all day


Is infinite warden still the go to variation?

What are his new bnb? I'm assuming it's no longer 11/f21x into ex choke slam? You supposed to freeze time now right?
Hello people. Can anyone explain how "Rewind time"(hope i named it correctly) ability works, and what is it`s purpose in 3d variation? Thanks in advance.


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Hello people. Can anyone explain how "Rewind time"(hope i named it correctly) ability works, and what is it`s purpose in 3d variation? Thanks in advance.
I don't know frames or anything but it's essentially like a different version of a breakaway.

You can use it to escape grounded combos and it resets you to neutral instead of you being on the ground. It can be punished however whereas breakaway can't. You also regenerate all health lost during the time it sets you back to.

I've found it's useful against characters with a lot of corner carry as it puts you back in a pretty safe position (far away). It's death in the corner though where its better to just breakaway if anything
Thoughts on kustom variations assuming it mostly stays the same? Thinking about Quicksand, Shifting Sands and Sand Simulacrum. Zoner that can be v/ annoying w/ the shifting sands with an improved ranged attack and the ability to get out of corners or force +12 situations. Retains the regular bf2 and db2.
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So with kustom Geras, I was definitely thinking Quick Sand & clone, but not sure what to drop into the 3rd slot. I already sort of know what Sand Pillar can be used for, but I wanted to know if there was any knowledge in here about the movement restricting ground sand move (idr the name); like general strats/gameplan or any known setups/tech? There's definitely some obvious oki situations that Geras can set the sandstorm up after (like f32 splat) but idk what else to do with it so far.

I was also thinking, if I liked that move enough, that I could do ground sandstorm move/clone/sand pillar, which seems really strong against opponents that want to be in your face. idk how useful clone and pillar are together tho so idk.


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When would you use pillar instead of quick sand?
I've been labbing this on and off for a few days, and it has a long way to go but I think there will be some nasty corner setup potential with MbPillar and sand clone.

Like I said it has a long way to go yet, but on knockdown you can potentially...

Ex Pillar, F21xxCloseClone(pillar explodes to cover the gap), F21xxExClone, F212

This does around 10% chip damage and you can mix in command grabs at pretty much any point, leading to ridiculous mix potential. Definitely need to work on this more but I see some dirty setups coming out of this.
Yeah, bed of spikes combos off almost anything, the "grab" (it's a mid actually) reaches much further than it seems. Sometimes it will even grab people after a j3/4 as an OS which is crazy.
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Man I love this dude. Been trying to find a main since I started playing during the pandemic and after months I think I finally landed on a character. Sand Pillar + Shifting Sands is hilarious cuz I just get to throw sand everywhere. Also his methodical single-striking combat style is satisfying to watch, as in Quick Sand's karate chop and Titan Tackle's suckerpunch in the corner.

I feel like he's one of the best designed elementalist, or at least the most cohesive. I don't really get how blood + tentacles mesh, but sand + time make perfect sense to me. His Sand Trap makes opponents watch their feet, Shifting Sands makes them stuck, and amp-Sand Pillar summons hourglasses. All these moves are so great thematically. Sub-Zero, Frost and Skarlet use their element to make weapons all the time which I find a bit uninspired whereas Geras only does it for a couple moves with hammers.

From what I've heard he's just a jobber in the storymode but I hope he makes a return in future MKs for his design alone.