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Credit for this goes to McDude_ over at GameFAQS and u/Ghostlogicz over at Reddit who originally made the list.

Key Items

Amulet of Shinok (Key Item for Krypt door):
Ensorcelled Demon’s Heart+ Ensorcelled Gem of Trapped Souls + Ensorcelled Eye of a Dragon


Warrior's Barbarous Face (Baraka Head Gear):
Battleworn Helm+ Distilled Tarkatan Rage + Leather Strap
Shadow Ops No-Serial Pistol (Cassie Cage Pistol): Disassembled Old Pistol + Copper Plating + Outworld Steel
Mistress of Bojutsu (Jade Mask) : Mileena's Veil + Krypt Spider Silk + Essence of Edenian Magic
Licensed to Fight (Johnny Cage Buckle) : Remnants of a Broken Trophy + Krypt Spider Silk + Gold Ore
Noble Kahn's Lynx Macana (Kotal Kahn Macana): Splintered Machuathitl + Stabilized Chaos + Outworld Steel
Eager Partner (Kung Lao Razor Hat): Ill Fitting Dull Bladed Hat + Element of Order + Elder God's Spark
Shackle of Sin (recieved noob saibot shadow cleft of the one being) : Drahmin's Mask + Stablized Chaos + Obsidian Shard
Kunai of Hisso (Scorpion Spear): Taven's Sword + Necromatic Runestone + NetherRealm Magma
Intimidator (Shao Kahn Warhammer): Dragon King Heart + NetherRealm Magna + Meteorite Dust
Kuai Liang's Frosty Arsenal: Copper Plating + Kytinn Spittle + ? (most def another wrong recipe given by game im assuming antique manual or cracked Lin Kuei as a base then ice and something else will try a few)
Outworld Warrior Extract (Skarlet Blood Vial) : Empty Shattered Vial + Coagulated Vampire Blood + Ground Bone Dust
Maelstrom Bringer (Raiden Medallion) : Magically Sealed Amulet + Elder God's Spark + Bottled Thunder
Oni Scrotebag (Kollector Satchel) : Torn sack + Tygorr hide + Krypt Spider Silk
Chaotian Era Chaos (Geras Sand Battery) : Dregs of the Hourglass + Element of Order + Stabilized Chaos
Wintermeter 9000 (Frost Frozen Core) : Depowered Tekunin Core + Powered Core + Circuitry Bundle
Left Hot Shottie (Jacqui Left Gauntlet) : Busted Black Market Gauntlet + Motherboard + Charged Capacitors
Winds of Destiny (Kitana War Fan) : Sindel's Brush + Essence of Edenian Magic + Serpent Scales
Pronghorn & White-Tail (Erron Black Pistol) : Rusty Antique Pistol + Tygorr Hide + Handful of Flux
Space Odysseae (Cetrion Living Tendril) : Ageless Ironbark + Elder God's Spark + Grave Soil
Rods of Penitence (Liu Kang Nunchaku) : Zombie Chains + Leather Strips + Element of Order
Hunter Killer (Sonya K.A.T. Turret) : Antique Training Manual + Circuitry Bundle + Frayed Wiring
Darkling Weevils (D'Vorah Swarm) : Grotesque Mutated Larva + Ground Bone Dust + Zaterran Venom Sac


Transmute Coins (Make 5000 coins):
Gold ore + Gold ore + Copper Plating
Transmute Souls (Make 250 Souls): Lost Soul Essence + Lost Soul Essence + Necromantic Runestone


Lit Shades (Summon Jhonny Cage):
Remnants of a Broken Trophy + Krypt Spider Silk + ? (must be wrong in game recipe remnants seems to be a solo drop)
Silver Dragon x10 (Summon Kung Lao) : Bottled Thunder + Obsidian Shard + Outworld Steel
Tekunin Emergency Receiver x10 ( Summon Cyrax) : Frayed Wiring + Carbon Film Resistor + Circuitry Bundle
Kytinn pheromones x10 (Summon D'vorah) : Coagulated vampire blood + Cordite + Kytinn Spittle
Special Forces Com x10 (Summon Cassie Cage) : Power Core + Circuitry Bundle + Copper Plating
Liu Kang's Headband x 10 (Summon Liu Kang) : Dragon Flame + Element Of Order + Copper Plating


Nitara's Gemstone x10 (Blood based modifier damage reduced 50%):
Coagulated Vampire Blood + Cordite + Fragment of Order
Shard of life x10 (Instantly grants 25% health) : Coagulated Vampire Blood + Element of Order + Copper Plating
Frost Core Fragment x10 (Immune to all ICE based modifier) :Circuitry Bundle + Powered Core
Necromancer's Rune x10 (Places rune that grants armor) : Ground Bone Dust + Necromantic Runestone


Broken Quiver x10 (Stuns Opponent) :
Serpent Scales + Lost Soul Essence
Gourd of the Eight Immortals x10 (Stun Opponent) : Copper Plating + Elder God's Spark
Napalm Missiles x10 (Ignite Opponent) : Circuitry Bundle + Miniature Explosive Charge
Meteorite Core x10 (Ignite Opponent ): Meteorite Dust +Outworld Steel
Fists of Cold Steel x10 (Series of Landed Punches Freeze Opponent) : Essence of Frost + Krypt Spider Silk
Liquid Nitrogen Filled Explosives x10 (Freeze Opponent) : Cordite + Minature Explosive Charge
Water God's Artifact x10 (Knock Back/Freeze) : Elder God's Spark + Handful of Flux
Poison Claws x10 (Landed Punches Drain Stamina) : Kytinn spittle + Zaterran Venom Sack
Venom Laced Missile x10 (Drain Stamina) : Kytinn Spittle + Miniature Explosive Charge
Cyber Snare x10 (Snare opponent) : Copper Plating + Frayed Wiring
Severed Arm of Shinnok x10 (Knock opponent back) : Ground Bone Dust + Suspended Osh-Tekk Sunlight
Amulet of Lost Souls x10 (Lift Opponent) : Necromantic Runestone + Outworld Steel
Crown of the Fallen Prince x10 (Lifts /traps Opponent) : Essence of Edenian Magic + Lost Soul Essence
Force Ball x10 (Pops Opponent Up) : Serpent Scales + Suspended Osh-Tekk Sunlight
Cyber Communicator x10 (Pops Opponent Up) : Circuitry Bundle + Motherboard
Flash Grenade x10 (Throw Flash Grenade) : Carbon Film Resistor + Copper Plating
Ash of Vrbada x10 (Throw a smoke bomb) : Dragon Flame + Suspended Osh-Tekk Sunlight
Charged Knuckle Duster x 10 (Shock Opponent) : Circuitry Bundle + Bottled Thunder + Copper Plating


Homing Missile x10 (Launch Tekunin Missile) :
Frayed Wiring + Miniature Explosive Charge
Riot Grenade x10 (Lob a Barrage of Grenades) : Charged Capacitor + Circuitry Bundle
Red Dragon Beam Emitter x10 (Fire an Energy Beam) : Carbon Film Resistor + Circuitry Bundle
Takeda's Kunai x10 (Fling 3 exploding kunai that land at opp feet ) :Handful of Flux + Synthetic Fiber
Bloodied Tonfa x10 (Chuck a Tonfa bonking them twice) : Handfull of Flux + Tygorr Hide
Tremor Spike x10 (Drop a boulder on opp head) : Meteorite Dust + NetherRealm Magma
Reiko's Shuriken x10 (Fires Cluster of Shuriken) : Bottled Thunder + Outworld Steel
Severed Head x10 (Send Meat to chomp at feet) : Grave Soil + Necromantic Runestone
Bloodied Sai x10 (Throw Chaotic Sai at Opponent) : Coagulated Vampire Blood + Krypt Spider Silk
Ball of Coagulated Blood x10 (3 Vamp Bat strike Opp.) :Coagulated Vampire Blood + Crystalline Shard
Ancestral Katana x10 (Cut down opponent) : Element of Order + Handful of Flux

Recently added:

Currency (Transmutes)
  • 50 Hearts - Coagulated Vampire Blood x2 + Element of Order
  • Blackened Sickle - Coagulated Vampire Blood + Krystalline Shard + Synthetic Fibre
  • Ethereal Armor - Element of Order + Essence of Edenian Magic + Copper Plating


Knowledge is Power
New Recipe

Unbroken Fuse + Frayed Wiring + Miniature Explosive Charge = Prototype Electro Rockets x 10


can you just craft the gear items or do they drop in tower/chests too?
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The Masterless Sword
Transmute Souls is a great recipe with an amazingly low cost, 40 souls and 4 hearts to craft 250 souls, well worth it.


Knowledge is Power
In case you want to see is in video form we made it for the gear! Some people are visual so it might help them! We time stamped them all in the comments and description as well to make it a bit easier.

You are missing Kano's Dragonstalker Heart.
Disabled Cybernetic Heart + Frayed Wiring + Synthetic Fiber
There are also at least 2 no one has discovered yet
Something for Jax (Jax's Cigar Box + ??? + ???)
Something for Kabal (Bent Hook Swords + ??? + ???)

Nice video though.
You are missing Kano's Dragonstalker Heart.
Disabled Cybernetic Heart + Frayed Wiring + Synthetic Fiber
There are also at least 2 no one has discovered yet
Something for Jax (Jax's Cigar Box + ??? + ???)
Something for Kabal (Bent Hook Swords + ??? + ???)

Nice video though.
Thanks for the feedback, we did just add the Kanos heart in the timestamps and we have been looking with the community for jax's cigar box and Bent hook swords with no luck.


God Eldi what would we do without stuff like this! Thank u! THANKZ GHOSTLOGICZ TOO U DA MAN!

Email this to urself and youll nvr lose it!


Since you're seemingly the kings of secrets, do you have any idea how to get Scorpion's final victory pose called "Honorbound"?
Yes tell us how, then tell NRS to let us kustomize these beautiful taunts! lol its probly from a special ToT event knowing NRS