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FNATIC|Perfect Legend Wins Mortal Kombat 9 at UFGTX!

The OP is unclear about one thing, who put PL in losers?
It was Dizzy, PL used Kabal and Dizzy used Cage. The way GGA reacted after the win was genuinely funny smh lol, like I really busted out laughing at how they were acting when the stream camera cut to them, glad I tuned in to catch that shit.
Dizzy I believe. He used Kabal in that set from what I heard.
Yes that was right, PL used Kabal, very good matches. I think Dizzy landed the most uppercuts I have ever seen in a set lol.
Also the Kenshi Vs Cage match, all I can say to that was DAMN that looked so frustrating.
Congrats to PL

Eddy Wang

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No, he lost to me and I think King.
Ah i see, me and himself predicted this a few days before, he expected to go 0-2. Though i don't agree that he should go with the idea of losing.

Any video? i would like to see how it went to match with my predictions.

Your biggest competition are Bit, king and iron sword.

Bit will require some work...

King KL is good too and he has lots of experience. so this could be your toughest MU...


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At the end of the day he ends up doing what most of us can't do, and that's win tournaments. As far as I can see we need to hold that. Congrats on your win PL.

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Kabal, Kenshi and KL are the perfect team, they cover each other bad MUs and top tiers.

If I knew this back in 2011-2012 I would had stopped wasting my time with other chars and practiced this team 24/7. :(


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Well you have to give it up to the guy, PL did win Evo which is the superbowl in the FGC. So Im not kissing ass to anybody, but he probably did this one for the fuck of it.