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FNATIC|Perfect Legend Wins Mortal Kombat 9 at UFGTX!

Indeed, good win . pl. is a great player , so is Reo .
This is about a great tourney win for PL.
Congratz from Belgium!!!


bad player
Good shit to Carl and good shit to all the GGA guys in top8. Good shit to Noobe, King and Tyrant. Negative props to some guy stealing the name of a creative genius from GGA and some how frauding his way to top 8, fucking westcoast bullshit.


Ayy Lmao
Win what argument? It has already been decided that either he or Reo is the best MK 9 player of all time.'

edit: it's really sad that besides me there is only one decent post congratulating PL on his win. If you don't like the guy anyway just don't post don't come in here just to hate on a guy.
You're right. Congrats to PL for playing on point and coming back from loser's against some of the best players, to win it all.
Good shit to PL, I thought for sure Dizzy was going to take it because he was playing out of his mind. Going to have to hold dat lol


Best Doomsday in the world
I don't know anything about this game but just being there watching Dizzy play those match ups was awesome. Easily one of the best fighting game players I've seen.