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Discussion in 'Rain' started by CptXecution, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. Subby

    Subby Frost Warrior

    F0xy! I saw you in a Stream! :D
    I think people are looking at him the wrong way, he's pure rushdown from what I saw in Medina's stream. You always teleport to stay on top of him, Gyser kick for a cross-up, Use water bubble after they leave themselves vanurable and let out a AMAZING amount of damaging combos onto them. The only problem is to always be on top of them, and never give them a chance to breathe. Lightning is a fast hit from the other side and could link with a water bubble to get them to you so the pressure never stops!

    I think people should watch a little more at what Rain could do. I think you guys aren't giving this character enough credit.
  2. Lord Beef

    Lord Beef The one and Only Beef Supreme
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    I really like him, but I have a huge issue with f+4 hitting high, Really??? That shin kick could have such potential to open the opponent up if it, I don't know, actually hit THEIR SHIN.

    -b_s- :headbang:
  3. salvificblood

    salvificblood Worst Sub-Zero Ever
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    Tom seems to like a challenge so maybe if he sees him being severely underestimated, he'll pick him up just to show everybody what he's capable of. Rain's only been out for a day, anyway. There's no way you can know the optimal Rain and have all the different matchups down after 1 day.
  4. Lyuben

    Lyuben Sinestro's might!

    There better be an answer by the 4th of August. Thats when I get to play Rain for the first time.
  5. Subby

    Subby Frost Warrior

    If thats the case then someone send him a quick message and tell him we have a challenge for him to master Rain! :D
  6. Lyuben

    Lyuben Sinestro's might!

    Could post a question on his weekly stream.
  7. Kwon

    Kwon ---->----

    Maybe Lyuben or Detroit will be our "Tom Brady" when it comes to Rain!

    Revealing all the secrets of how he's supposed to be played!
  8. Lyuben

    Lyuben Sinestro's might!

    I'm still on Holiday. I have bought him but left on the day he came out. I wont play him for ages... I have to learn a lot. It falls to Detroit.
  9. silva_777

    silva_777 Noob

    If Tom likes a challenge why would he drop sub for lao?
  10. Jamison

    Jamison Noob

    I agree with both of these statements. I played hours and hours last night with Rain, with opponents that were doing the same thing and even with Rain vs Rain matches the matches were not fun. To top it off Rain is all I can say, horrible. (Yes online is not a way to judge, but it is for me because that is my ONLY Tournament "like" environment.)

    Fun is important when playing a character and Rain's BnB combos are way too easy to block, but if you do get lucky to unleash one, they are very difficult to string together, with all the timing and dashing. For a character I feel was meant for rushdown, I spent most of my time zoning, due to the horrible amount of unsafe attacks punishable upclose. I know his BnB of 1,2, F+4 is what we all found, but I can't imagine this being what a player that Mains Rain will end up using, too ineffective and a smart player will never let that land. Overall, disappointed, but it is only day one. I need to change my signature for now and remove Rain as a main.


    I think B+2 is going to be a big part of Rain's game, here's why:

    Since Rain can link his Roundhouse after landing B+2, and B+2 can also lead into a mid/low mix-up, where you get a combo off the mid, you're going to have a pretty good set of options off the move.

    If you're pressuring on wake-up for example, you can throw out B+2 and can Roundhouse and combo if it hits, dash cancel/dash-in on block and throw... You could B+2, 1+2 for an overhead combo or you can finish with the sweep for another knock-down. That one move gives a ton of options no?
  12. A F0xy Grampa

    A F0xy Grampa Problem X Promotions
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    watch the digitaldojos stream to see my rain, maybe it will help. That was using him after a couple hours practice and still showing what he can do.
  13. vegeta

    vegeta Saiyan Prince
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    I think he's fun to play. I see him as more of an opportunistic character (haven't watched vids and just messed around with him in training mode for an hour) His Combos are pretty good, so long as you don't mess up the timing or dashing. Overall though I'm gonna put work into him and see where it goes
  14. Albo

    Albo Noob

    definitely. after comparing foxy's and michaelangelo's rain i think i can say yours does look better foxy, especially since i was on the recieving end of your rain beatdowns multiple times. this is just after a few hours of practice though and i can't wait to see how people play him after a month or two. bear in mind these matches are being played online on koth, so playstyles would probably be different offline. they're both still great examples of the highest level rain gameplay after a few hours practice lol.
  15. THTB

    THTB #IDoMachines

    x THTB x
    Just to note, this is what I have been doing with Rain. Playing him as rushdown. It's just not all that solid of rushdown, though. I'll keep at it, though.
  16. Robotic

    Robotic Gentleman.

    Couple things:

    1. If you have the slightest lag online and you don't have people to play offline with, say goodbye to all your Rain aspirations. He has a pretty specific window for his intermediate and advanced combos.
    2. His specials have similar d-pad movements, so your timing needs to be on point or negative edge will plague you the whole match and you will drop combos HEAVILY. Again, if all you do is play online (not saying that's bad), frustration will set in.
    3. His roundhouse and water bubble seem to have DELIBERATE slow start up to prevent abuse. If they were just a couple frames faster, Rain might be broke. I understand the slow start-up here, but it speaks to the first point: online makes these moves very difficult to use consistently.

    If I may speak of offline only: I think Rain may turn out to be in the C.Viper category, in my estimation. He is difficult at first and may be better suited to the more advanced player. Once he's being played by a beast, Rain may look too good. I'm looking forward to seing Wonder Chef's Rain in person at WNF.
  17. Subby

    Subby Frost Warrior

    Good Thing I hven't lagged online since launch day. I'm gonna get Rain, and all weekend I will play nothing but Rain. When I come back here Sunday night, I'll give you all my impression. For now, I can only watch these awesome Stream players. :D

    Also, Thank you THTB! Thats how you gotta play Rain! Fight the good fight man! :weightlifter:
  18. Name v.5.0

    Name v.5.0 Iowa's Finest.

    Is anyone even going to play a DLC character in a tournament anyway? I'm still yet to play against a decent Kenshi, or Skarlet.
  19. Subby

    Subby Frost Warrior

    Don't worry you'll find them eventually. They're hidden in all the Tele-fury and Shoulder tele Spamming Kenshis and the Tele attacking Skarlets.
  20. THTB

    THTB #IDoMachines

    x THTB x
    Hopefully, at Summer Jam, we'll stream some casuals. I'll use him then.
  21. DIRTY

    DIRTY Noob

    My first impression of Rain is what was a potentially good character that NRS might not of had the time to complete that they hoped for, So they just slapped some super armor and a damage boost on him to make up for that and called it a day.

    Just my opinion though.
  22. MKF30

    MKF30 Fujin for MK 11
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    Agreed for the most part, however his B+2 and A is really fast and safe so it's good to use here and there, his 2, B+2/1 is useless imo but I did see one player last night use that in some of his combos only doing 32% but so far I don't see much use for that move. But he does have his B+2 and B+1 which are good to play mind games with, they both look very similar coming out one is high, other is low.

    His super RH kick IMO is near to useless, takes too long to do but at least you can cancel out of it with a dash. It seems tough to punish but the move itself doesn't come out fast enough imo to be worth anything...I've noticed you can get one off after a bubble combo, but if you miss time it, it whiffs...just not worth it imo

    Rain is tricky, yet not overpowerful....he's a lot tougher to use then I thought he would be initially and apparently he doesn't have two teleports like we thought. One is merely a throw, and the other is just an enhanced version of his normal teleport but it hits you. The fact that his teleport can be done in the air is a good thing, still not as fast as Raiden's though(doubt anyone's is speed wise maybe Smoke compares in terms of speed)

    His lightning leaves him WIDE open if you miss, should only be used from a far or in combos imo. His water bubble also leaves him WIDE open if blocked or missed, it just seems he stays in that animation forever compared to the other ninjas shooting fireballs....

    @Premo, neat combo. I have a bunch of nice ones myself, ranging from 33%-54% with X-rays and without, I also did a 62% and 61%, but you need to do the Enhanced boost....

    He's good Rain, not too powerful, nor bad either. He's a tricky bastard.

    While I agree with most of this, I disagree about the NRS hasn't learned from QC, unless you mean disabling blocking is dumb which I do find is since as soon as Rain's foe hits him, his damage boost is dead....but nobody forces you to use it, he can still get decent mid 30% to 42% damage without boosts....

    Foxy, what reset? Unless there's a vid, I doubt it exists...and Rain isn't that good, he's solid, but he's not the best, nor the worst...
  23. Subby

    Subby Frost Warrior

    Watching the digital Dojo stream, and F0xy definatley had the best Rain so far. He beat a pretty nice Kung Lao too. :D
    People who haven't watched it yet should check it out.

    EDIT: Yeah, you have to watch him play. He's just doing it right so far (Im on part 5 though.).
  24. Kwon

    Kwon ---->----

    I'm liking Rain so far!

    Rain is new and many players are not accustomed to him, sure, but the jump3, then 3,3,geyser-pressure works well so far!

    And i've finished oh so many Noob and Scorp-fights (while they fire projectile/hook) with the EX-teleport! :D

    Whats nice is that you can do the EX-teleport strike while in the air.

    Also very fun to do Bubble and then 4,3, Superkick and then a Superkick when they come back

    I also enjoy the <- 2, 3 or <-2, 1+2 in the mix, confuses the opponent for sure.

    D3, Geyser is also catching alot of people off-guard.
  25. TyrantRevolver

    TyrantRevolver Darkwave Digital

    I just wanted to say I know I gave Rain a bit of shit for his short comings early on, and I apologize if that seemed a bit hasty. But I've also said I will be extremely happy to eat those words. I get the feeling once we start seeing some match vids and really break down his options I will be eating them in abundance. I don't think he's going to be top tier which is fine by me, but maybe he'll turn into a pleasant surprise in a week or two who knows.

    I actually did not know that ex bubble drains meter.......very nice.

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