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Discussion in 'Rain' started by CptXecution, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. getcaged

    getcaged Noob

    i dont understand what being able to dash cancel rounhouse kick means, can someone please tell the inputs?
  2. PND OmegaK

    PND OmegaK Drunk and Orderly
    Premium Supporter

    PND OmegaK
    Hold 4 after you do the input for the roundhouse. You can then dash out of it in any direction for some mind games.
  3. Lyuben

    Lyuben Sinestro's might!

    What is the input to the teleport? If it is UP DOWN I will be pissed. Annoying input.
  4. PND OmegaK

    PND OmegaK Drunk and Orderly
    Premium Supporter

    PND OmegaK
    Don't worry, it's down up. ;)
  5. Lyuben

    Lyuben Sinestro's might!

    Damn it. I messed it up writing and it is annoying. WHY IS THAT SO ANNOYING. If I miss some buttons on Cyrax's teleport, down back 1, I may just move back a bit or duck. I wont jump up like a poopface and get punished as hard.
  6. salvificblood

    salvificblood Worst Sub-Zero Ever
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    Get an xtokki converter and a ps 2 pad, Lyuben. Lol.
  7. Grub

    Grub Noob

    I wish I could just use my keyboard with my 360, honestly. Keyboards are really choice for Mortal Kombat games, especially if you're like me and have moves that kinda flop out due to the use of a a small, somewhat imprecise analogue stick.
  8. JHCRANE 14


    OK, my bnb so far. Jump in combo punch-1,2,f4-dash-1,1,water orb(leave them above you)-1,1,lightning-roundhouse kick-uppercut or geyser kick. 12 hits 37% / If you add the regular damage boost you get 41% and the EX damage boost you get 49%.

    After the lightning you can add the water stream that prevents a wake up attack for 34% damage.
  9. maaaaaayn i don't wanna be impulsive and just buy him lool can someone show all of his moves in a video including the EN versions lool pleaaaase!!!!
  10. THTB

    THTB #IDoMachines

    x THTB x
    Possibly small tourneys that I show up to.

    Lyuben, he's very offensive, for sure.
  11. I have only messed around with Rain a few hours now, and I wouldn't say that he is too good, because I can and will always be able to kick his butt with Reptile lol.
    Rain is going to be played allott because he has control with his water bubbles, and a teleport. He also has a few dirty tricks, but what caught my eye the most is he has several little 3 hit combos that do almost 20% and can do 20-23% with bar easily.
    Example; Roundhouse kick,np,uppercut.
    Roundhouse kick,np, crazy up kick/punch move lol.
    or mix any these up with waterballs and lightning.
    All these powers combined I am Captain Planet lol.......:taz:
  12. Kindred

    Kindred Let Be Be Finale Of Seem

    Definitely a rush down character. He's got a mean anti-air move but I dont find him easy because his high damaging BnB are not that easy to land. Require a lot of dashing and timing.
    He doesnt really have devastating mix ups though. Like his hits that start low are few and don't lead into anything significant (maybe ppl will discover something eventually for them)

    His damage boost however...My God that shit can bring your combos in the high 50s
  13. THTB

    THTB #IDoMachines

    x THTB x
    Playing REO now. Eh...things aren't looking too great for him as a character.

    His roundhouse cancel is good, but he's lacking in a lot of other areas. Namely punishment. His fastest stuff doesn't have range, and his good ranged stuff is slow. His pressure is basically roundhouse stuff. Whatever you can do with roundhouse is what you can do offensively.
  14. General M2Dave

    I agree. I had similar experiences. Aside from the super kick, all of his special moves are poor versions of other special moves.

    Water-Port - more start up and recovery frames than Raiden's teleport. Rain is in the air as soon as he appears.

    Water Bubble - very unsafe. I think of the water bubble as a poor version of Cyrax's net. Sure, Rain can control his opponent, but the opponent automatically breaks out of the bubble on trades. Occasionally, I also had my opponent breaking out of anti-air bubbles. I am not sure whether this is a glitch or not.

    Geyser Kick - not too bad, but not too good either. Punishable by fast special moves up close. Safe versus anyone but Reptile at max range. The Geyser Kick is a poor version of Noob's shadow up kicks which have quicker start up and recovery frames.

    Lightning - very unsafe. Blockable but juggles. What to say? It is too unsafe to be used a zoning tool, unfortunately.

    Aqua Splash - safe but very short range. Can be crouched under. Poor version of Sektor's flame burner, more or less.

    H2O Boost - Provides damage boost but you cannot block. I guess NRS has learned nothing from Quan Chi with these types of special attacks.

    I am honestly disappointed. I thought he would turn out a lot better. Maybe it is still too early to pass judgement, though.
  15. Vilén

    Vilén too smart to play MKX

    First impression: He's... average at best. At worst he's... average. I think his corner game is actually decent, but everything else stops just short of sucking. Until this guy has some way to combat the block button, I think he's doomed to suffer the tedious monotony that is this game's mid-tier. Either you'll make good reads and/or successfully bait and punish your opponent to victory, or you won't and you'll lose hard.

    NRS really could've done a lot better with this guy.
  16. Kwon

    Kwon ---->----

    What characters pose most problems for him?
  17. Abudabi

    Abudabi Noob

    hes fun to play as. his damage boost move was added to offset his shortcomings I believe.

    Good rush down/mind games. The waterball gets quite hard to connect on longer strings and may even cause a combo reset when you snag you opponent as they hit the ground
  18. LiuKim

    LiuKim Noob

    I tried him today and I don't think he is that good... I think at best hes an average rush down character but will most likely get owned by other rush down characters like Liu Kang, Cage or Kung Lao O.O
  19. LiuKim

    LiuKim Noob

    But for now.. it is too quick to judge. I really want to see him in tournament play... Show us some sick ass Rain!
  20. xenogorgeous

    xenogorgeous You talk the talk. Do you walk the walk?

    Seems like a pretty good character, with some good evasive/elusive tools, but with good potential for rushdown. His best combos require a precise "timing", of course. Anyway, overall, he seems to be nice. For now, 7/10. With time, and more videos of his gameplay, and , future participation in tourneys, will be more easier to judge.
  21. LiuKim

    LiuKim Noob

    Very much so agreed. I still find it weird how MK3 Cyrax bomb trap works lol... I use to main him just because of those command grab traps :p

    We should all make a tier list including the DLC... I am interested in where Kenshi and Rain will fall under... A+??? Kenshi's mix-up game is a bit better though..
  22. JHCRANE 14


    after playing for several hours with rain last night I believe that he is the weakest character of the 3 DLC characters. However, he fits my play style better than scarlet or kenshi. So, even though I believe that scarlet, kenshi, and quite a few other characters are better than rain I think he still has tools to be viable in a match. It has only been one day, I am sure more is to be discovered that will change our opinion of him. For now he is one of my mains, because he just feels right to me even though I don't think that he is all that great of a character for right now. Only time will tell. I like him.
  23. A F0xy Grampa

    A F0xy Grampa Problem X Promotions
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    I dont get how all of you think hes average, his rushdown is disgusting, he has some frametraps and a reset, his teleport is about as punishable as cyraxs, he cant be crossed over, his mixups are really quick and lead to 50/50's after the bubble reset, what more do you want in a character. Or has nobody attempted to use him properly yet?

    Oh yeah the ex bubble drains meter too ffs its good
  24. salvificblood

    salvificblood Worst Sub-Zero Ever
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    I think it's going to be a similar scenario to Sub-Zero; everybody thought he was mediocre to start with because not everybody can simply pick him up and play him at a high level. I think Rain is going to be similar to this.
  25. Lyuben

    Lyuben Sinestro's might!

    Tom Brady tends to be credited with making Sub-Zero competitive. Will we get a Tom Brady to help Rain? Probably not.

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