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Firestorm is the perfect replacement for Captain Cold.


Counterpoke with armoured DB2 at all times.
There's no recent gameplay because he dropped him like a rock and announced on Twitter that he wouldn't be touching him again until he got fixes to his buttons at the bare minimum.

But here's him vs Nubcakes from Eleague?

If you're in the globe, committing to backdashing is the way to go. At worst you eat a projectile. On a hard read, you get chased down by Cold. If you're playing a cqc character and he pops trait, you proceed to build more meter than him until he gets impatient or you find a moment for a MB roll.
I think it's more bearable but situations like hayatei and whiteboi were stuck in where you are just sitting outside the globe still exist, which are fine really, he has to get to level 2 and get in a position to use it safely, which nub cakes easily showed is not so simple in that first game. Captain cold requires patience to be played effectively, but I agree he is pretty bad at the moment with like one super niche play style which could probably still be done to an effective level with just a pure zoner character