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Favorite Punisher

robo smoke it's all about the

aahp, tele uppercut, JK, spear, autocombo

DC owned me with that a long time ago, and i had to see how it was done. it's sweet.


Hatred is fuel.
Mine's probably Liu Kang's 56% punisher. Run in step, aaHP, aaHP (cancel), JK, Air fireball, Dragon Kick. ^.^
Or Stryker's Riot Gun infinite off of an aa of almost any kind.
(punishing a jump in) aaHP cancel into RH, Teleport Punch (hits backwards) aaLP, TKS, aaHPHP, HP, fireball. (works on male ninjas and jax so far as i can tell)

punishing when opponent is blocked and spinning - aaHP, JK, Teleport Punch, TKS, run under opponent, RH, Teleport, aaHP, fireball. - I think this is the coolest looking punisher in the game, save for the 100% corner combos.