Faded Characters?

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  1. Okay so i've had MK2 on PS for a while now...and when Arcade Collection came out i was all over it and downloaded it for 360....i noticed that the characters looks washed out on the arcade edition...at 1st i thought i was just imaging things then i saw a youtube video of someone playing arcade edition and the colors were vibrant....then i fired up my ps3 and the colors were vibrant there as well...then i turn on my 360 and the colors are faded to all hell....like i reeeeallly notice it now....especially on Kabal.....is there a way to fix that somewhere in the settings? or did 360 get the shaft again on the best possible product...if anyone is having the same issue id be nice not to feel alone...and if anyone has a solution please let me know
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    not to sound like a fanboy

    but sorry xbox sucks i dont understand why people dont get this

    m$haft is known for building crappy things and using the cheapest parts man

    the video card in them is trash it has way to little ram and it over heats to all hell.

    the less then vibrant collors can be seen on a lot of games it just does not have that great of a card
  3. Well to be honest i love my 360 more than my ps3 and this is the only game i have that this has happened (yes i buy two copies of games i really like for both consoles) but i DO feel like WB caters more to Sony than MS (please don't make me explain how) which is why if others are having the same issue it has to be because of that. ...and you totally sound like a fanboy lol...sorry dude
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    Check your filters on the settings. I think there might be a filter for colors or something on MKAK.

    otherwise it's just xbox. I love my PS3 to death so i understand the disappointment.
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    oh i knew i would sound like one but this is coming from a technicians side

    facts are facts its an inferior piece of hardware

    i have seen so many videos and noticed it with the time i had my xbox that the game never looks as vibrant as the ps3
    now there have been times where it was reversed but thows were rare to me

    if you are sure the games are supposed to look the same on both systems i hate to break it to ya but your xbox may be failing.
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    You do sound like a fan boy and there's problem something wrong with his settings. Fact, people play Xbox more than PS3. PS3 has a blu-ray player and that's what gives it the edge in how things look...barely. You would think that more people would play PS3 for the free online play right? Nope we'd rather pay our $60 a year than get it for free and get HACKED.
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    Guys please lay off the pseudo-tech fanboy bait.

    Comparison. Colors are clearly more vibrant on the old standalone port of 360 UMK3 than on MKAK. This was taken with a camera, if I had a HD capture card you would be able to compare it better. You can really tell how faded the sprites in MKAK are when you look at the backgrounds. Look to the left of the pillar of skeletons, you can see the entire texture instead of it fading into the backdrop like it does in ARC to make it look like a subtle lighting effect. Everything is lighter in color and it is like that in both PS3 and XB.
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    x THTB x
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    On xbox, SOME characters, seems to only be in UMK3, have a washed out look, like the brightness for just that character is turned up. Kabal has it for sure but there are a few others. Glad i'm not the only one that noticed this.
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    hope I didn't sound fanboy-ish.

    I really could care less which system you have/like more.
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    sorry hos you may know more about mk then me but pc hardware is my life (and a console is just a dumbed down pc)


    sorry brother but the xbox just dont cut it in the end.

    oh but wait i guess they dont know what they are talking about either


    awww and here is more

    now why dont you get that bias crap out of here (talking about your link not you btw)

    this was about the hardware not lazy devs and there coding to max potental (psst ps3 would destroy as you will read)
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    you sound mad.
  13. hardwire

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    nope im just posting things to back up my arguments so im not called a false techie again

    ive been in the business for over 10 years im currently in school to become a systems security administrator

    and this argument has been done to death the facts are facts the ps3 is suppiorior hardware to the xbox but the xbox is more coder friendly

    they both have there pluses and there negatives but when you point them out people think your a fanboy

    besides all consoles are inferior to pc :p
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    This, I can agree with.
  15. GNG Iniquity

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    Hardware wise, yes the PS3 is better - better priced too. But, I don't care to start a console war here, mainly because I don't like consoles; if you've got the money (outside of FGs of course and cowadoodie) you'll have a better experience with PC gaming. I bought the PS3 to function mostly for blu-rays and netflix in my living room, FGs and the exclusives are a plus.

    The only thing I care to play on 360 is the Gears of War series, but that doesn't justify buying the console with poor hardware and poor quality control. Of which I then need to pay yearly for to even stream netflix; no thanks.

    But really, when we're talking hardware here and quality control, it's just facts. It's like debating Kingston ram over Corsair; buy the Corsair.

    Unfortunately, even when it comes to PC gaming, a lot of PC games are console ports now because developers are lazy and don't want to push the capabilities anymore. Mainly this is because the 360 and PS3 make them substantially more money, there's not much of a market for PC games these days, and with the economy the way it is piracy is a lot more rampant. So, it's a shitty situation, would I like a reason to crossfire top of the line video cards? Hell yes. Is there any actual reason to? Hell no.

    Anyways, there's no reason to get your panties in a bunch over horribly outdated hardware crammed in a little box, they're both dated. The PS3 has just held up better and they appear to have better quality control. I've owned a 360 as well, RRoD within a few months. Happened to all my friends and plenty of other people I've known. Statistically, the PS3 hardware just holds up better.
  16. hardwire

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    ok im going to bed b4 i start up a flame war about the lies and myths of piracy on the pc and no market for games

    ill end with this

    there is still a very very very larg market for games on the pc bfbc2 proved this once and for all
    there is a market but pc gamers are not willing to pay for bull shit plane and simple.

    as for piracy please do you self a favor and do a google search on the myth of piracy and pc gaming. its a scapegoat tactic devs used when they wwere trying to find a reason for por pc game sales (when mw2 tanked on the pc that is)
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    off topic
  18. GNG Iniquity

    GNG Iniquity #bufftaquito #punchwalk #whiffycage

    No, you're right, and I agree with you. But, I like you most likely do as well, is download the majority of games and see if they're worth paying for. Now, if they are, then I'm happy to buy them; but the developers still count a sale as piracy in said instance. Now, this is exempt from most games requiring a cd key to play online, however.

    None the less they still make money off PC games, but we can't be lying through our teeth here and say that, Bethseda for instance made more money off Oblivion on PC than they did on 360/PS3; consoles are harder to pirate. It's plain and simple. All you need to do for PC is just mount the .iso and you're done, and that doesn't void your console online get you banned from online in the process. The risk outweighs the reward for the majority of console owners.

    Blizzard is the only company who continues to do very well in PC gaming, and has since their debut, the money these days in regards to PC gaming is MMOs with subscriptions.
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    Please keep this thread on track or it will head to the Netherrealm...

    Back on topic, I noticed this the other day as well. It's not just the 360 version, either... both the PS3 and 360 versions of UMK3 from MKAK have washed out graphics compared to the original 360 release of UMK3.
  20. Guys, its the brightness/contrast or gamma level. Basically the black level on the Arcade CRTs was way lower than it is on a standard Monitor or TV nowadays. So some sprites have a washed out look, some of the sprites that were black on a real arcade crt are showing up grey here. For example when the ninjas in MK1 crouch block. You can also tell that MK3 and UMK3 characters were filmed at different times as the MK3 characters also look a little washed out. The cavern in UMK3 looks messed up because the background sprites don't smoothly blend into black anymore. I think there was a thread on TRMK or ClassicMK which illustrated this with pics between the UMK3 XBLA cavern and the UMK3 MKAK cavern. They compensated for that in the UMK3 XBLA release by adjusting the brightness/contrast or gamma so that the blacks are crushed.
  21. What do you think is wrong? i played with the game settings for different filters and it dint make much of a difference

  22. You might be right...the colors on my Stand alone MK 2 Game are PERFECT....and MKAK characters look wayy washed out...if i had MKAK on PS3 as well then i could tell right away if it was a settings issue, console issue, or NRS just being plain lazy

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