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Faction War has begun!! Select Your Faction here!!

Which Faction will you represent in MKX??

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Tim Static

Everyone is fully aware tonight is the night that MKX officially drops, and with that comes the FACTION WAR!! So in good fun, before you select your Faction on MKX, please select your Faction in this Ultimate Faction Poll!! Whether you fight to protect Earthrealm, fight to destroy the evil fallen Elder God, Shinnok or fight to eliminate the evil Black Dragon, check out each faction's "recruitment video", then choose your faction in the poll. You only get one choice, but you can switch at any time, just like in the game. Also, I'll link each thread we have for each Faction so you can post & keep other members of your Faction updated daily on Faction News, Faction Kills & who is winning the war!!

Not familiar with the Faction War yet? Refresher:

Now, the Factions:

First off, the White Lotus:

The Black Dragon:

The Lin Kuei:

The Special Forces:

Finally, The Brotherhood Of Shadow:

So, who are YOU gonna rep? Give those threads some love & keep checking back to see which TYM users are reppin' which Faction. Make sure if you change your Faction on the game, you change it on here! This will be a long standing reference point to what Factions are the strongest on the strongest MK forum!! LONG LIVE THE FACTION WAR!!



Heart From Iron, Mind From Steel.
I'm saving Lin Kuei for last so they end up with the most points by the time the life of the game is up. I want to max level all the factions, but don't want to have to start my favorite all the way over. So first I'll be repping Brotherhood of Shadow.

Brutal Chimney

vaporus punching bag
Damn, I'm the only Black Dragon? We'll see who converts after the chokings begin.
i think we'll get more converts after Tremor shows up. he better still be a Black Dragon afterall we dont want Kano to be pathetic and lonely like Sub Zero is.


Your friendly neighborhood cynic
Originally, I planned to join the Brotherhood. But after more research into the factions, I realized how it is a terrible fit for my personality. I honestly just liked the sound of it. But at heart, I am White Lotus. I will not change until its trophy hunting time, which will be way later.


Cages_Shades from MKO
I'll start with Lin Kuei and max them all, then end(and stay with) with brotherhood, because Purple(best color) and Reiko

I wish there was a Johnny cage entourage faction though, I'd join that in a heart beat. and no not johnnys special forces secret epic group . . . . i'm thinking more movie star Johnny Cage