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We are the Lin Kuei, more stealthful than the night, more deadly than the dawn!


I want Kronika to step on my face
No one leaves the Lin Kuei...in this thread.

So with the new information revealed that you have to select your alliance when you start the game, and with the attempt to build the hype for the game, who here will pledge their allegiance to the Lin Kuei?

As a Sub-Zero main I will definitely pledge to the Lin Kuei Clan, so I'll start with my name:


Fellow Lin Kuei brothers, join me!


Jacqui main since Dead Alliance
As long as Sektor and his cyber-ninjas are pulling the trigger, i'm all for the Lin Kuei.

I await the return of the Tekunin.
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Can someone explain this to me? I've brought it up a few times in other threads, and I was wondering if there was an answer... Lin Kuei is one of the four factions. Right?

Can anyone tell me why Lin Kuei is one of the factions when there's only ONE Lin Kuei character in the game?
Even though SZ is the only playable Lin Kuei, they are still a sizeable force in MK, with a lot of goons etc. Which is probably why they are a faction and groups like Shirai Ryu aren't.

More importantly, I wonder what faction kills it will get. Freezing? Spine rips? Sounds good to me.
So... They are a popular faction.. popular enough to be one of the ones you can pick.. but not popular enough to have playable characters? If they are a sizable force in MK, why can't you use them in MK?

I don't know as much about the lore as most people do, but to me, this is kinda like calling a faction "The Simpsons" and then only being able to use Lisa.