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Discussion in 'Ermac' started by Owerbart, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. Owerbart

    Owerbart I miss you

    I discussed this with zaf, but just to be sure, everyone here knows that you don't need to special cancel after f114 in the corner? For example, you can do F114,b34,b34,33-Force Lift, b12f1, 22-tkp. It's a little bit tricky to land the 4 of the first b34 but it's very doable in an actual match. Also, lots of times this string can be used as pressure, since it's +2 on block I believe. Shenanigans like F114-Lift are actually pretty good!
  2. zaf

    zaf professor

    So this is a full combo in the corner ?
    F114,b34,b34,33-Force Lift, b12f1, 22-tkp.

    F114 is good for the pushback and yes you can even be risky and go for a lift after this if you can get a read.

    My only problem with this string is the first two hits whiffing all the time.
    A JIP does not even guarantee that it will not whiff. Your opponent can crouch the first hit in time after you JIP.
  3. Owerbart

    Owerbart I miss you

    F114,b34,b34,33-Force Lift, b12f1, 22-tkp is a full combo in the corner. I'm sure you can get an extra b12f1. The best way to land it for me is after a connected 312, getting stagger. You can also try it from the f4 reset against some characters. But the best way to apply it is by making the opponent respect the U4 overhead. After you throw two or three in the match, they'll start blocking high. Even sometimes if they crouch block they won't realize they can poke until the string is over.
  4. VOR

    VOR Noob

    According to Somberness' data it is +4 on block. This string has its ups and downs. After jump ins it's not ideal i think. Getting people to respect the u4 takes work but I see what you're saying. I do like faking a whiff on f1 from time to time to plant a seed for something later. Sometimes people get caught off guard by the full string when done spaced out at a longer range. Things I do is stuff like f114-read-with options of lift, back dash lift, f2, and back dash f2 to fish for whiff punishes. F2 is good since it's also +4 on block. Definitely use you psychic powers and anticipate the read though.
  5. Owerbart

    Owerbart I miss you

    Just on a side note, some people seem to be commentating about how to proceed with F114 midscreen. My bnb with this is F114-teleport punch, 22-lift, b12f1, tkp 40%

    Nice to see Detroit making some usage of this string : D
  6. Seven

    Seven || Seven ||

    F114 is garbage, it's super slow and it goes over most character's head. Don't use it.
  7. KRYS9984

    KRYS9984 Noob

    This is a legitimate corner combo (it works) but probably not practical due to F1,1,4 wiffing a crouching opponent. However, every now and then you can throw it out in a match because the opponent will not expect it and remain in a standing position (on block).

    I few months back, I put together an Ermac combo video focusing on his B3,4 and this was actually one of the options I showcased.

    My main focus was to land meterless combos (integrating B3,4) which exceeded 35% damage and maintained corner advantage. The combos are also very easy to executed so there is a small risk of dropping them.

    You can see that specific combo around the 1:45 mark.

    I also included a written guide to all the combos demonstrated, it's in the description section of this video on Youtube.
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  8. Roko1985

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    I am using it with a bar. F11 En lift, NJP, jump kick, teleport, jump kick ,teleport, D1 force push. Or after the NJP, jump kick,teleport,22 force push. I know that it is not that practical, but looks cool.
  9. Tokiwartoothxdk

    Tokiwartoothxdk 『T R I G G E R E D』

    this is why i stay away from the string and use b114 exclusivly

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