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    If MK wants to demarcate its gore porn from kids too young to [legally] watch even soft porn, then NRS should be doing what they can to put such gore behind 'ramparts' that serve to preclude kids being exposed to it. Allowing finishing mini movies to be initiated by a simple button press, is a literal invitation for kids too young to hold a gamepad under their own strength, to see gratuitous violence--on tap.

    Even when putting the "think of the children" meme aside, rendering Fatalities so insultingly facile to execute, not only undermines the core nature of the once "secret moves"; but, it also essentially makes any command input (for Fatalities) redundant -- why even bother with a pointless "RT+BLK" input, and not just make the finishers automatic (perhaps toggle-able ON/OFF, as an game option)...? Conversely, and incongruously, the arguably less violent (albeit, largely due to lesser cinematic effects) Brutalities do take some gaming knowledge, and even nous, to perform -- better ensuring that under-parented 10-years do not get 'Clockwork Oranged' by default.

    tl;dr -- "EZ Fatalities" are like selling narcotics packaged in Skittles packets, to kids, and they also make a mockery of the entire Fatality mechanic, tradition and, thus, enjoyment thereof.

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  2. Marinjuana

    Marinjuana Up rock incoming, ETA 5 minutes

    So I forget where it was but I believe it was Derek who straight up said there will be no micro-transactions and I think Paulo doubled down on that in another interview
  3. Demon_0

    Demon_0 Shao Kahn is back!

    "For sake of the children"... Children should be nowhere near this game so I don't see how easy fatalities would pose a problem for children.
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  4. pure.Wasted

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    I'm not putting any stock into their answers on this. Dlc character/costume packs are MTX, and we know for a fact that MK11 will have both. They seem to disagree that these items are MTX which means we have no way of knowing what their definition of MTX actually is.
  5. Marinjuana

    Marinjuana Up rock incoming, ETA 5 minutes

    You can take it as you will but I think they were very clearly talking about typical microtransactions like EZ fatalities and Source Crystals rather then using the strictest definition of the word that would include all paid DLC.
  6. Agree, you should be made to work for them. If you can't do it the proper way then practice till you can, or just live without it.

    Not a fan of the "fatality training" they added with a previous game. Seems like a copout that you don't even need to win a match to see the enders. If they were to do that again they should have the screen go black and you just hear the sounds lol. Force you to actually do it at the end of an actual match if you want to see it.

    Also put the fatality time back to what it was back in the OG days; just a few seconds - if you can't get it right the first time then too bad.
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  7. Temp

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    I know this thread is a troll, but seriously, let us turn off the gore. Some of us have kids. I don’t... but some of us do. I just wanna play longer sets.
  8. Eh i dont mind them, there more for the casuals who just wanna have fun. Sometimes you wanna hang with friends, play for fun and rub it their face you one but you either cant remember the input, dont have it unlocked or just cant get the distance right so They're helpful there
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  9. xXRagingFlameXx

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    This mindset is just dumb. Who cares if there are EZ fatalities and who cares if they have a training area to see them? You know, sometime's it's fun to go through when the game comes out and just check out all the fatalities instead of having to just play matches.

    People wanting to hop into a fatality trainer to do a fatality doesn't hurt you so why complain?

    This whole thought process is stupid. It literally doesn't affect you in any way, shape, or form. "They should work to see the fatalities" No. Fuck off. The main selling point of these games are the fatalities and if someone wants to go through and spend 20 minutes to just look at them all in one swoop, let them. It doesn't make them lesser than you.

    Some of you have some sort of superiority complex or sumthn. It's a game. None of the things you're bitching about hurt you. Just....don't do them lmao.

  10. Killusion

    Killusion Stream addict

    Wow really? This is great news! I always liked how NRS handled micro-transactions (selling absolutely useless stuff), cool that WB is not forcing that stuff anymore.
  11. pure.Wasted

    pure.Wasted 'ello baby, did you miss me?

    Yeah I wanted to play MKX with/in front of my girlfriend the other day and she was really turned off by the blood specifically. Fightings ok as long as theres no blood but blood is bad. Kind of silly, I know. But it's also kind of silly not to add the setting.
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  12. Yeah but that doesn't stop lazy/dumb parents from buying it for their kids and then later being offended & asking their kids "who bought you this game?"

    Heck the N64 version of Resident Evil 2 gave you the option to turn off blood and decapitation/dismemberment.
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  13. thesacrifist

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    This seems like an american worry. Violence is ok but not red pixels?

    The same way the rating system allows prettt brutal violence but not showing someone the finger.

    Europe is laughing at your sensitivities, laughing I say!
  14. Sablicious

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    Better a subjectively perceived "dumb" mindset, than an objectively mindless one; and many want their fighting games to remain fighting games, and not turned into paedophiles' grooming tools.



  15. The game isnt for children...end of story
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  16. Cassie Cyrus

    Cassie Cyrus Have you ever seen the Rain?

    Fuck children, they are the disease of this beautiful planet, just don't take any more :-p
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  17. I agree with everything here lol
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  18. Pizza

    Pizza Thrill Kill

    lol lots of kids saw this in the arcades back in the 90s

    I remember when this was "EXTREMELY VIOLENT" :D
  19. Braindead

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    That is a fucking horrible "meme" in the OP
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  20. BurdaA

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    Was going to say the exact same thing. Unacceptable, surely...
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  21. Eddy Wang

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    My Gf can't stand the gore and i can't play this game near her, if we have an option to turn it off it would be good for presentiation specially for audience in tournaments, something that turns off Fatalities and blood like in MK9
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  22. crimson-neoviper

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    First off...depending on the narcotics and if you have one of those Job things with insurance for your kids then they are cheap or even free (if you met your deductible) so your skittles analogy is silly and I don't think applies. Just sayin! Also, the meme is offensive. I know people right now mean nothing by stuff, but Believe it or not...many people that play Mortal Kombat enjoy a good Hallmark Channel movie that was made in a week and there is happy ending.

    Anyway...the only time I have really encountered kids/young adults is when the game is in its "komplete edition" phase. Besides, not sure if you have seen an episode of Supernatural, Charmed (the OG one), Etc. but there is quite a bit of graphic violence. Supernatural IMO had scenes that were comparable to R rated horror films. Anyway....I think a lot of this is just a way to make money cuz casual players that purchased the game or played it (as a kid) in arcades/etc. just would rather save their time and just pay to see the fatality. Regardless, when you purchase games now that are in store i believe you have to have an adult purchase it. I'm sure it gets by but still. IMO games like GTA5 are just as bad if not worse for kids than MK. Mortal Kombat does not curse and all diversities have but put upon the same playing field. I do get the gore can turn people off. I don't like gory movies, typically slasher movies so this is all subjective. This is also why I miss the Rainbow Kombat code in MK9. Even though it was not blood it looked very cool!

    and I never liked skittles. I mean, if you do cool. I'm more into Gummi Bears. they are fat free! although don't eat too many or your mouth will taste gross and you will feel sick.

  23. Johnny Based Cage

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    If my girlfriend couldn’t stand the gore in a Mortal Kombat game I wouldn’t have a girlfriend, just sayin.
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  24. Nah I'd say it's the older generations not being parents, fucking up the economy and the planet before we are even born.
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  25. Eddy Wang

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    You have to a jerk to drop a girl that has a strong affection to you over a fighting game.

    Besides while the blood and gore for MK games are pretty common to us who have been playing it since forever, not every person in the world will be seeing with the same lens, religion educations and such are things that usually gets in the way of MK for sure.

    I friend's mom was giving me life lessons and bible because her son borrowed my MKX disc thinking i'm not a religious person.

    I have a friend who stopped playing because the dragon in the logo, aparently there is a verse in the bible that says the dragon its representation of evil.

    Just a few examples

    I know outside of africa there is a lot of atheists, though i am a religious person myself i'm also an open minded invididual and i know how to discern reality to fiction i know what goes against my principles or religious ones for that matter, while sadly the religion education was snapped into a lot of african veins and many of them can't think for themselves, there as still some people who aren't brainwashed out there.
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