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Tech - Predator EX Disc Set Ups Into Unblockable Throw Combos and Other Set Ups


EX Disc Set Up into Throw for full combo:

Even if your opponent techs the throw, they still get full combo'd by the disc.

This set up also breaks many armor attacks that aren't very fast:

Free Offense after delay wake up

Your opponent can delay wake up to avoid the grab in this set up, but if they do so they are forced to block the second disc which will leave Predator at plus frames to start up his offense.

The only way to escape this set up is you must tech roll when you hit the ground and do a quick attack or wake up after tech rolling.


Όσα δε φτάνει η αλεπού. ........
Can I ask you something? Is scorpion able to teleport into cancel and block it?


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This is fucking damn great in theory. Then again I am too retarded to pull it off...
The throw feels like a justframe and so does the b2... :(
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Was expecting "PFFFFFFFFFFT DAY ONE SHIT" Good stuff TYM.

That said, This is sooooooo stolen. But I'm waiting to see what they do with predator in the Beta before I decide on staying with him :(


Yo this setup is actually ridiculously hard to replicate. I'm getting it now but I honestly thought they took it out of the game cause it's so strict. Amazing find @YOMI REO for real.
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