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EVERYONE play as Liu Kang!

OK so the LK numbers went WAY up for multiple reasons, Scorpion got nerfed, SonicFox and others are putting him at #1 and Rewind won a major with him. It's bad now, but its going to get worse before it gets better. We know the drill, a character gets to the top, people bitch, NRS nerfs.

Why not speed up the process? The higher the numbers are on their network analytics the more urgent it will become. Also, everyone really should play as every character at least a little since its the best way to really learn a match-up. You get to experience and feel the strengths and weaknesses of that character so you can exploit them. To add to that, there's a ton of bitching all over the place, especially TYM, so why not have some fun and beat all these
"Loo Kaingg scrubs" with their own character. It will be fun and funny as F!


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I've said it before, I'll say it again. Take the broke character challenge.
Use the top tiers for a couple weeks each, start with Liu Kang and move on to Geras, Erron, Sonya, Cassie, Cetrion, Jax & Jacqui.
Play against high level players who at least challenge you and see how good the character really is. You will find the characters strengths and faults and better understand the MU.

After doing this my opinion changed about several characters including:

If you aren't good at labbing you probably won't learn much but if you have a good understanding of the meta and solid fundamentals you will learn plenty on how to turn those characters strengths against them.

This literally happens every game, people bitch about everything until the characters are left with nothing fun.
MKX had characters with Overhead to Lows and Overhead to Overhead into Tick throws with Hard to Blockables (3f fuzzy block) resets, vortexes and more than +20 on block point blank in there face with no pushback and some had infinite and unblockables.

They took all of that away and no character in 11 has that, no armor to steal turns and no run button to constantly oppression. They even added multiple wakeups to force guess on the agressor.
Its a much more honest game than X and somehow everyone still screams: Broke, OP, Nerf Nerf Nerf everyone but my character..

Yes the top tiers are very strong but there is counterplay and the ability to download your opponents. In top 8's it seems they don't have much of a problem with the strong tools top tiers have and make very good reads. They found ways to deal with Staggers, JIK, F Neutral tools and strong pressure and show that every tournament.

It would be nice if players just labbed their problems instead of asking for nerfs.

Regarding Liu Kang getting nerfed? I don't think he will since 16bit said he was honest but very good. I think they feel they are balanced. I do hope the bottom characters get help and hitboxes are fixed for all.

If they do Nerf Liu Kang I hope they just Nerf F4 making it 10f startup and -10 on block while keeping F43 -7 on block. That would reduce his mixup off F4 and limit the layers while forcing LKs to use more of his other tools.


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I picked up Jax pretty early so it never really bothered me too much going against him. He should have that Fatal Blow either be a high or completely remove the heat generation. Generally Fatal Blows leave quite some space after the animation, thus resetting neutral - Jax however is basically in a strike throw mixup (you do have options but still - it's kinda overwhelming). Also struggled with Liu a lot early on, and playing him for a few hours definitely helped a lot grasping options. I'd much rather have Liu Kang than prepatch Heehaw back tbh


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If ex-pro players like 16bit and Dizzy have anything to say in NRS meetings regarding changes in the nerf/buff department, then Liu is going to stay as is. They actually KNOW stuff.
The game is quite frankly balanced as far as NRS titles are concerned.

If most people haven't got an opinion of their own and willingly go about and follow any pro-player's opinion about high tiers , it's their fault. That's how trends are created.

Remember it's online that makes most of you moan about a particular player being OP when in reality pro players are the ones who give us, normal people, the ACTUAL full potential of a character .

PS: making throw crushing blows deal around 25-27% damage instead of 31% would be nice !


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I bet some people don't know the curse of Sonicfox. Whenever he touches a char, NRS nerfs him.


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This dude downplaying Kang in every single thread. Im starting to think he is a troll ....
Where you going to understand that people may have different views?
Whos downplaying kang? I don't think anyone here was downplaying. Seems to me you consider it downplaying to say anything less than Liu is broke and needs nerfed to the ground. I remember you called me and kindred down players for stating liu is top 5 but he lacks range, good at everything mostly but not broke?
If so your definition of downplaying isn't the same as everyone else's.
Don't know if you know this but there is only 1 liu kang main in top 16 the other two used other characters and pocketed liu and looking under top 16 more than 30 liu Kangs got eliminated.


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The problem isnt liu kang, its this community being stupid asf: Not accepting that LAG does affect the game, refusing to learn frame data and how the game plays, and just being low iq npc's who dickride tournament players opinions with no logic.