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Match-up Discussion ermac kabal 5-5 calling it now


Detroit's Ermac is amazing, and to think of all the damage he gives up, yet he still does so well.


haha the kid with the striped shirt sitting on the right is me. I told detroit the input for the stage fatality. Before grand finals I asked him if he plays ermac much anymore and he told me he'd use him in grand finals. That was pretty awesome, now I have a great video to learn from. Thanks, if you ever see this.


5-5 ? ....I wanna test this with the Kabals here in Argentina. The Detroit ermac is really good. I love your instant air blast to escape kabal pressure


ermac vs kabal is 2-8 or 3-7 in kabals favor at best and with all due respect to morty his kabal is good but not great and i say this because i used to train/practice with one of the best if not the best kabal in the US (Erik Warda) and my ermac was solid


Wow. I've never seen anyone use IAFB so well. I'm gonna have to incorporate it into my playstyle more. Really original Ermac player.