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Does Martian Manhunter Make IGAU Better Or Worse?

Is IGAU better with or without Martian Manhunter?

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Nothing in your post implied that you were joking.
What implies it is that we play long sets and share things on twitter idiot lol. Don't fall into the tym trap where everyone is always trying to prove they are better than the next guy and takes everything serious/personal. just a word of advice that I, and some others, learned being apart of this community for years. Don't be like the guys who never learn this lesson.

Chasing prestige and acknowledgement is a strong motivator my friend but can also make you confrontational. Move the convo to pm or twitter if you want to cont. don't want to derail.


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i remember reo tellin me some shit ppl never did on MMH his near block infinite (probably could do some things about it with the armor depending on how fast it was cuz i think from what it sounded like could be wrong like i said it had enough adv to allow you to d1 check atleast and orbb goes off and gives you adv again no? so thats 2 hits depending on armoring i bet some chars struggled with it) on some ppl using normal orb after b1 in corner...

But like i said i just am saying something im pretty sure he was tellin me about i just dont know the specifics. if anyone else knows can correct do it because i didn't play that game was busy doing things on good ones JK simmer down

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Scrubs with no fundamentals got to rely on the crutch of a safe overhead teleport that hits behind and leads to 40, so you tell me, boss.