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Does Baraka have any good combos?


Trilogy PSX? He has the most ridiculous easy 50%+ combos ever... Blade spin X2, HK does 57% damage. Then when you get your opponent in the corner aaBlade swipe (B+HP) as much as you can. I'd say he could be even above Kabal and H. Smoke because how easy he is to master.


I've really been meaning to write up stuff for the MKT characters, I just haven't gotten around to it. Here's some stuff for Baraka:

HP, HP, B+HP, F+HP - 4 hits 22%
HK, HK, B+HP, F+HP - 4 hits 23%
HK, HK, LK, B+HK - 4 hits 23%

Blade Spin (BS), BS, Blade Swipe - 3 hits 51%
BS, BS, LK - 3 hits 54%
BS, BS, JK - 3 hits 54%
BS, BS, HK - 3 hits 57%
BS, BS, RH - 3 hits 59%
BS, BS, HP, Blade Spark - 4 hits 59%
BS, BS, HP, JK - 4 hits 60%

If you catch someone with an anti air blade spin, the possibilities go up because they are higher in the air, here are some examples:
aaBS, BS, Uppercut - 3 hits 62%
aaBS, BS, aaHPHP, JK - 5 hits 67%
aaBS, BS, aaHP, Blade Fury - 4 hits 69%
aaBS, BS, aaHPHP, RH - 5 hits 72%

Also try, aaHP, BS - various combo finishes

Near corner: Be careful with double BSes because it can freeze the game, (technically bannable in tournament by all standard tournament rules for all games since it is a game breaking glitch)

Basically anything can set up Baraka's corner infinite of aaHP, Blade Swipe. It sounds easy, but it's gotta be done quickly. The Blade Swipe cancels the HP like a special move would and it has no push back.

Utilize a single BS into various corner juggles for wild amounts of damage. Even something like BS, aaHP, Blade Swipe, RH, run LK is about 74%.

Depending on positioning and opponent, it's possible to get double aa Blade Swipes as punishers, and connect run in LK after a mid screen Blade Fury. There are other possibilities as well but I'll save it for a full guide.

Also in the corner, the Blade Fury is possible after his B+HP, F+HP finishing auto combos.


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what must to be said is that works for the cd versions, since mkt for n64 is different and has few exlusive basic combos as well.

in all versions, baraka could be kick combo inf-ed with lots of characters also
It's weird that they would take the time to give it a hit limit but not think of the ammount of damage it actually does. If Blade Spin added damage protection it would be so much better.


I could see them doing just one, like I believe it is in N64, or even, just have it activate DP on the first one if they wanted to allow two consecutively.


I'm not sure if I ever realized this, but Baraka can start his jab, swipe infinite off his B+HP, F+HP ending combos in the corner. aaLP can be juggled after, which should NOT be possible, even in the good version of PSX MKT. He can also RH and HK easily after either of those combos.


Shockapedia.com, Register It!, Haha Sorry had to make that joke, I dunno ive never seen much high level baraka play, Anyone got any examples of a really good baraka player?


I actually have a friend who calls me Mattipedia (not for MK) just that she loves that fact that I always know little things about obscure stuff.

There's gotta be some examples of Baraka in game on youtube floating around. He's a fairly blunt character. Tactically he doesn't anything too overwhelming, he's just very very powerful. I still haven't had a chance to write anything up.