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Do You Want Them To Continue "Supporting" MK11 Or You Want Them To Move On?

More MK11 DLC Or No?

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With the pandemic slowing things down everywhere and the PS5 in ridiculously short supply, personally I'm more than happy for them to keep adding content to MK11. I haven't loved an MK game this much since I was 12 with MK2 (I'm sure MK9 could have done that at the time but I never owned that generation of consoles so didn't get it until last year on the PC, which whilst I can appreciate from a historical perspective isn't the same as having been able to have been wowed by its reboot after the clunky 3D-era and dodgy Vs. DC game a decade ago). I did buy MKX on sale after I bought my son a PS4 in 2016, specifically the XL version with all the Krypt unlocked, and found it all a bit too dark and dismal with nothing to play through to unlock, so never really got into it beyond just playing through story mode once and then the occasional single fight on my own at home when I'd had a crap day at work and wanted to murder something.

But XL had done enough to reignite my MK fanhood somewhat (which had been laying rather dormant since Armageddon put me right off following the decent double whammy of Deception and Shaolin Monks) and then Legacy (yes!) went even further into getting me back into it. So when MK11 was on its way, I preordered it and I've thoroughly loved it since day one; with it only getting better with all the skins and expansions that helped make every character feel like they were mine to create. In fact for that reason alone it's given me the strongest connection to any MK game in my whole life (silly I know, but it's true), since every character feels personal to me in how I've crafted their gear, skins and move sets. I also feel it plays really great, just feels so solid, the connections feel impactful, whilst MK9 (which I'm not saying isn't brilliant) I find a little floaty and MKX feels, I dunno, a little too stiff? This feels hard and heavy like MK2 and I love it.

Needless to say, I'm still enjoying the game and really hope some of the rumoured new Kombat Pack material (you have no idea how ironically awesome I'd find that ridiculous rumour of an Annihilation skin/voice pack to be) may come to fruition. Especially if there's a chance for Reptile, Smoke, Sareena and Ashrah back; that would just 'complete' the game for me. Then I can rest haha.
Mk 11 indeed feels like mk 2 design wise (appearences of the characters). I feel like a kid again standing in front of the mk2 arcade again
I don't play the Injustice titles and admittedly haven't touched this game since just before they added the third variation to competitive. So that said, I'm good with MK12 coming down sooner rather than later - though given COVID + them outright saying they planned to support this game longer than the usual run (at least iirc) I'm not expecting it. And if it's a new Injustice title it's whatever either way.


I like MK11 but it is not my favorite for a number of glaring reasons. The other games might have still had problems if you look back without the rose tinted glasses, but the difference between them that keeps a lot of people loyal, besides the arguably better game modes costumes and story is just the simple fact it was more fun to play.
From what perspective? If you say figuring out combos in practice mode and using those mid match, I am on your side, its way more fun in mkx. But beeing on the receiving end of those? Stuck in the corner and guessing 2 times wrong with all the +frames and 50/50 combo starters, is this still fun? Not for me.


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I dont really like injustice so continued support would be good. But if they move on I've still got tekken and I've started playing sfv again. I don't mind this game as a side bitch but I can see how having as a main game could drive you bananas. I still have a bit of fun with it.
I just started playing INJUSTICE 2 again after a year away. That game feels like is made for people who like to retreat to the other side of the screen and projectile vomit until the cows come home. It also seems like a lot of shifting happens especially versus Catwoman.


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I wouldn't mind this game being supported for six more years and giving us 30 more characters.

This is my favorite MK game so far in terms of everything. Story Mode, gameplay, Single Player grind ... it all clicks to me.


I am just waiting for them to implement “krushing brutality” if u already won 1 round and u have fatal blow up... any krushing blow just makes enemy explode regardless of hp. The meme that is mk11 will then be complete.

I do enjoy the game tho. (In small doses)


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NRS probably will move on soon from the game even if I still hope for new content.
I don't think they gonna release new characters, new skins or other things like that, sadly.
It even reach his "Ultimate" status.

They probably give us a major patch that will shake some things.
I hope for some changes for the Kustom system like change 1 slot for some 2 slots abilities like Rain Purple Pain, and so on.

The game is really cool, far from perfect but really enjoyable.

For me, his main problem is that it force you to play the character you choose in a specific way, locking your creativity.

Unfortunatly, I think that a major patch will close the game even much more for the sake of balance.

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Would definitely rather see a new game. There is no game I've tried harder to like than MK11, but I just can't do it anymore. Winning, losing, training, grinding, no matter what I'm doing, I'm just not having much fun. I appreciate what NRS tried to do, but it's just not working for me.

That said, they knock it out of the park with everything in this game except the gameplay. The characters, the graphics, the voice work, the amount of content, intros and outros, taunts, the krypt, etc. All of it is so good, but the fighting is somehow mind-numbing and frustrating at the exact same time. The worst part is, when I go to play a fighting game with gameplay I actually enjoy, it just seems so unpolished compared to MK11 (really wish I didn't have to wait 100 years for a Tekken Tag 3).

Anyway, if the next game is Injustice or something, I'll probably skip that. Injustice 2 was like the first game in a decade I actually returned to the store instead of keeping in my collection. When MK (202X) rolls around, I hope they put a fraction of the resources they put into story mode in the gameplay instead. It's a shame because there's just so much to love about MK11 right up until the announcer says, "Fight!".


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I just hope they make a Batman fighting game in the future. There's lots of interesting characters.


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Honestly I'd hope this is the final linear MK game. They'd probably take the cheap way out like a remake, but either way if they keep supporting this game the way they are right now I want it to die. Because the "having fun" bullshit got old fast
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I want Injustice 3, not because MK11 is no longer fun, I just love Injustice and want a new NRS fighting game every two to three years.

Also, after multiple cycles of this I realize the quality of this forum is way higher during Injustice games.


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They can't possibly stop making MK DLC before the movie comes out.... isn't that coming this year to HBO Max or something?


I want Injustice 3, not because MK11 is no longer fun, I just love Injustice and want a new NRS fighting game every two to three years.

Also, after multiple cycles of this I realize the quality of this forum is way higher during Injustice games.
I don't know about that i remember the WoW was pretty dead quick LMAO!
if they aren't going to make big ground breaking changes, add an unbelievable amount of sauce to the game, or add things without taking things away at the same time then screw it tbh. next game. if the next game has to be inj3 then hopefully it isn't the zonefest football sized stages of inj2


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Just for the record, i really like the gameplay, what i don't like is how some specifc mechanics are being handled(Fatal blow for starters), and the fact that they refuse to actually do something more bold in terms of balance, customs are nice, but it doesn't help when a lot of moves are not worthy of using.
This pretty much describes me too. I quite like MK11's core game play design. Compared to past games, there was clearly a deliberate decision to make it much more focused on playing neutral, making reads, and winning through smart strategic decision-making. It's deliberately not about raw execution ability (although there are still some characters who pull for that) or about who can 50/50 their opponent the fastest and win by keeping them juggled as long as possible.

For me, the emphasis on strategy over execution is very appealing. But I get that a lot of people don't like the core design at all, and in fact wanted the opposite: steep execution curve, all fast-paced rushdown and 100% juggle combos, and as little neutral as humanly possible. I think it's fair to say that NRS has heard you; now we all just need to wait and see how they design the next game. Because it's also fair to say--almost two years in--that NRS is not going to shred MK11's core design and remake it as MKX 2.0. It's just not going to happen; MK11 is what it is.

So yeah, I hope they keep supporting MK11. The "Ultimate" title implies that there probably won't be any more DLC or big expansions, but I'm still hopeful that we'll see a real, meaty balance patch with buffs to all the currently dead moves. Would also love to see small changes to a few mechanics (FB, breakaway, forward rolls) to reduce some of the abuse factor. That's really all the game needs.


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At this point the only type of new content I could ask for would be content that brings in a large audience again (which I think would essentially boil down to all guest characters unfortunately)

Knowing what I know now, I would say Next Project. If, this is the last MK for a very long time >4 years, then I'd say more content.


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Which is the most important thing.

I've said countless times that MK11 is the best looking fighter with the best presentation of any fighter in history and it's kind of not close. Actually playing the game is fucking torture, though. I have NEVER enjoyed playing an MK game less than MK11. I honestly don't know how people like playing the game.

Having said that, I'm hoping for a new game, obviously. I bought the $100 version pre-order for Kombat Pack 1 and I regret it. I have not spent a dime since. If anyone knew me, they'd know how insane this is. I have happily purchased every single piece of NRS DLC for every game since MK9. I can't even remember the last time I played MK11.

Whatever NRS releases next, I hope they remember to allow fun shit and not be so safe with everything.
Literally the same for me. I'm 100% not buying NRS pre-orders after this. Thankfully I learned quickly and also never bought any DLC after purchasing the "Premium" edition. I guess we gauge "premium" differently than NRS. Can't remember the last time I was this satisfied with a video game purchase.