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Do You Want Them To Continue "Supporting" MK11 Or You Want Them To Move On?

More MK11 DLC Or No?

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  • I Want To See What's Next

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So far we didn't really get more content or more support compared to their previous two games, MKX and Injustice 2. It's been almost two years and we got less or similar amount of content compared to their previous two games in longer period of time. Biggest difference is both content and patches release are much slower and more spread out for MK11.

Do you want them to continue to support MK11 this way or would you prefer for them to move on and focus on what's next?
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I do want them to keep supporting the game, this is my favorite MK and i think the game has a lot of potential.

However, not as it is, they are too complacent and uninspiring these days, and i'm talking specifically about the balance team, people working on the visual aspect are doing great with skins, gears, the friendships, the Aftermath stages and whatnot.

Art Lean

With the pandemic slowing things down everywhere and the PS5 in ridiculously short supply, personally I'm more than happy for them to keep adding content to MK11. I haven't loved an MK game this much since I was 12 with MK2 (I'm sure MK9 could have done that at the time but I never owned that generation of consoles so didn't get it until last year on the PC, which whilst I can appreciate from a historical perspective isn't the same as having been able to have been wowed by its reboot after the clunky 3D-era and dodgy Vs. DC game a decade ago). I did buy MKX on sale after I bought my son a PS4 in 2016, specifically the XL version with all the Krypt unlocked, and found it all a bit too dark and dismal with nothing to play through to unlock, so never really got into it beyond just playing through story mode once and then the occasional single fight on my own at home when I'd had a crap day at work and wanted to murder something.

But XL had done enough to reignite my MK fanhood somewhat (which had been laying rather dormant since Armageddon put me right off following the decent double whammy of Deception and Shaolin Monks) and then Legacy (yes!) went even further into getting me back into it. So when MK11 was on its way, I preordered it and I've thoroughly loved it since day one; with it only getting better with all the skins and expansions that helped make every character feel like they were mine to create. In fact for that reason alone it's given me the strongest connection to any MK game in my whole life (silly I know, but it's true), since every character feels personal to me in how I've crafted their gear, skins and move sets. I also feel it plays really great, just feels so solid, the connections feel impactful, whilst MK9 (which I'm not saying isn't brilliant) I find a little floaty and MKX feels, I dunno, a little too stiff? This feels hard and heavy like MK2 and I love it.

Needless to say, I'm still enjoying the game and really hope some of the rumoured new Kombat Pack material (you have no idea how ironically awesome I'd find that ridiculous rumour of an Annihilation skin/voice pack to be) may come to fruition. Especially if there's a chance for Reptile, Smoke, Sareena and Ashrah back; that would just 'complete' the game for me. Then I can rest haha.
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Shao Kahn is back!
I'm all for supporting this game as long as support means making the game more interesting in terms of gameplay and longevity. Not by simply adding characters and putting out dumb balance changes like the last one.

At this point, I feel the game needs a serious re-balancing of special moves and slot allocation (e.g. Dragon Stance being only 1 slot). It also desperately needs a new gameplay mechanic and it needs to be toned down where "scrub-friendliness" is concerned. As Dragon rightfully pointed out, in this game the skill gap between a simple scrub and a pro player is much less noticeable because of its design. You have to work much harder for your win to a simple player in comparison to previous MK games and I completely agree.


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Move on to what, Injustice? A series I have zero interest in?

Keep making stuff for MK11...Unless the stuff is like daegon and taven junk, then yeah by all means move on.
oh cmon, what did poor taven and daegon ever do to you fam?

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This game just isn't for me. I tried so hard to like it. And I'm really only playing now for Mileena and KL skins through ToT. What's next?

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What's next means I can't get into this game, I get very little enjoyment and would rather see what nrs can do to improve in the next installment. I prefer MK over Injustice. You can support both games if you want idgaf, just this game in particular is bad to me. We all have our own tastes
With who? Does it still have a decent sized player base?
Yes he does there are still community led event going on such as Exhibition etc. Honeybee is doing a 700$ tourney this weekend and there has been a bunch of event last year. There are also different discord and you can still easily get games in ranked.

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Its honestly hard for me to say. I adore Mortal Kombat, so while I'd love to see more characters added to this game, it would purely be for aesthetic reasons because this is by far my least favorite NRS game to actually play.

I'm not huge on Injustice, but if the leaks are true and they're doing a Masters of the Universe crossover then I'm ready for Injustice 3