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Do you think it is counter productive to make Superman/WW the villains ?

This is mostly a lore and casual talk thread but i wanted to talk about the story of Injustice 2 and how the characters were represented and how it can be potentially harmful for WB/DC.

What NRS did is that they made characters like Superman and Wonder Woman completely undesirable. In a vacuum that could be ok but when you think about DC as a whole, this might be such a bad idea. A game like Injustice 2 should have made me feel hyped and excited to go watch something like the Wonder Woman movie. What it does is exactly the opposite, it made me and countless other hate the character. This also applies to Superman.

Now when i did go to watch the movie, i was like " Wow... This character is truly awesome. Why did NRS fuck her over this hard in Injustice 2 ?! ". I ended up coming out of the movie feeling down and more dissapointed in the world of Injustice 2 than i already was. Properties like the movies and games should compliment one another, i am not saying it has to be a tie in but they should still keep the souls of these characters intact.

I remember couple of years ago, i was a Marvel guy. Then i watched the Dark Knight movie and then couple of months later played the first Batman Arkham Asylm game and i was hooked. It was the two punch combination that made me fall in love with Batman as a character which ended up making me love the DC universe as a whole. Now at this current age Superman and Flash are my two favorites with WW being the 4th (Spiderman is 3rd) but i truly feel dissapointed in their treatment.

Injustice 2 is the biggest exposure in modern gaming that these DC characters (Except Batman) ever had and it does nothing to help build a fanbase to these characters. I can't help but imagine countless people who came from seeing WW and got Injustice hoping to play her, only to lose any sort of newfound love they had for the character. I remember games like Spiderman 1 and 2 on PS1 and how they made me love Spiderman. The Marvel vs Capcom games and how much they made me like the X-men.


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I agree it's terrible, particularly in how it characterizes WW as totally soulless and caring only about getting that Superdick, but yeah the biggest issue is how lazy it is. The whole thing is a ripoff of the Justice Lords arc from the Bruce Timm JL cartoon. They even hired the same voice actors.

IJ1 at least also featured the regular characters, but IJ2 only has these very flat evil twins and suffers for it. I skip all WW and Superman's intro dialogues, etc., and don't particularly want to play them. And these are characters I love!


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It's an elseworlds story so that's kinda the point; there's a reason why it's called "Injustice" and not "DC Universe Fighters". If you don't want that then Injustice isn't for you. Even more, if you don't understand that concept then that's when it really isn't for you. At least the story isn't.


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I mean, I think you can do an interesting Elseworlds take where Superman and WW go extremist. Justice Lords is great. The Injustice versions of them are very mwahahaha flat. There is no Superman in any universe besides earth-3 literal evil twins who would laser eye murder Billy Batson lol

Personally my issue with this repeated Elseworlds theme every time it happens is that if any of the three trinity characters has fascist leanings, it's Batman for sure. Brother Eye alone, man.

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it's pretty out of character behaviour for a lot of characters and as such the writing feels lazy. I don't feel very convinced that it is actually Superman and WW, I understand their surface level reasoning but damn reign it in a little or making them a little less soulless and unrelatably evil

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I'd rather not have Injustice 3, just a DC fighting game with the same mechanics. Too many dead characters, Wonder Woman and Superman were butchered. Superman and Wonder Woman are two of my 3 favorite characters but they are unbearable. Superman wouldn't react to tragedy like that, and Wonder Woman was just awful from the start.
Like other have said it's an elseworld story I like it that way is it the first time any of them as gone bad no they are a bunch of stories. I never saw anyone complain about WW in flashpoint and she was just as much of a C world. Hell WW went further with the whole sleeping with AM then killing his wife and destroying the world. I don't understand the complain it's not the main DC universe you can't expect everyone to act the same.
It's kinda funny how I'm more ok with Superman than I am with Wonder Woman or Robin.

He actually had something happen to him that may understandably drive someone completely out of their mind. Batman in the game actually doesn't even treat Superman like the Clark he used to know- he views him as some crazed and insane entity occupying the body of a friend who died long ago...

... Then there's Wonder Bread, who kinda just wanted to get Super Laid, and Damien who just has daddy issues.


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I love regime superman personally, and in his shoes I would probably make the same choices haha. The great thing about dc comics is that they allow multiple universes, so it isn't harmful to have any of them.


skip all WW and Superman's intro dialogues, etc., and don't particularly want to play them.
this is the same issue I have. and that includes robin as well. in my mind I'm like "good Lord you're such dick/bitch/asshole. I'd rather pick a different character and whop their asses instead.


I love regime superman personally, and in his shoes I would probably make the same choices haha. The great thing about dc comics is that they allow multiple universes, so it isn't harmful to have any of them.
at first in comics I was with him. but damn he and wonder woman took things way too far. example, superman sending Victor to kill Alfred simply because Alfred talked bad about him. come on
And then superman KILLING and teenager for speaking his mind.
Ya, Superman had a motivation and you could see the progression he made to a villain with all the steps along the way. They put some thought into the storyline.

Wonder Woman, on the other hand. Ugh. Taking one of the foremost feminist icons of the last century and having her completely alter her entire character and turn her back on everything she believed in so that she could impress a boy. Her storyline is just dumb. Especially with the movie coming out this year, they could have taken a bit of time to give her a motivation and added some depth to her personality beyond being Superman's sex toy as opposed to just ignoring the why behind her actions.

And Robin, FFS. A group of drug addicted strippers just called me up and they want to sit him down for an intervention about how poorly he's dealing with his daddy issues. What a whiny little bitch. Granted, his entire history pretty much consists of being an afterthought as a character, but they did him even more poorly than usual in this one.

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actually, you see, if you any of you noobs read the comics lore it would make more sense and be enlightened like myself

Superman's story makes sense. He crossed the moral event horizon so there was no going back.

WW.... Eh who cares. It's wonder woman. Always viewed her as a cheesy ass character anyway


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Wonder Woman is the single biggest issue in this game when it comes to the story. Her story just didn't make any sense (in fact, I don't even think she has a real story here). I don't think there's a SINGLE person that actually thought Wonder Woman's story was entertaining or well thought out.

They destroyed everything she stands for and made her a flying Superman minion, which is everything she's not. This was a VERY poor portrayal of Wonder Woman; even when she's evil, she's MUCH more entertaining than the WW in this game. It's actually embarrassing.
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I like this Superman more than the usual Superman. Injustice WoWo, Cyborg and Damian are a bunch of bitches.

I'm surprised there's not an Earth 1 premier skin pack to cater to the fans of the normal characters though.


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I'm surprised there's not an Earth 1 premier skin pack to cater to the fans of the normal characters though.
This really would go such a long way lol. Just give me a version of WoWo who isn't insane in all the clash/mid-battle/intro dialogue.


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SHe then proceed to parade Meera's head on her island which starts a war with Atlantis. Not the first time WW has acted like this to get laid
lmao ok but flashpoint WW is a totally different person with a different life story!

The issue with the Injustice storyline is that it's supposed to be the same as the regular world until Metropolis and then it all goes wrong. But the regular Superman and WoWo would never react that way to the tragedy.

It's confusing though because Injustice Lex Luthor was never evil so they're trying to have it both ways I guess. I try not to think about it too much.