1. BSJeebus

    This is a little embarrassing but I wrote a 46 page design document for a Superman game

    I spent the last 8 years (off & on) designing a Superman game that (most likely) will never get made. So... Here it is -!AvFDocKvHbOQdN4j3NLobhjGWhs Now, heckle to your heart's content.
  2. bcfighting

    Replays from Injustice 2 Body Count Fighting Online Tournament

    Hi Everyone, Yesterday Body Count Fighting held its first ever online tournament in Injustice 2 -- today we've posted all of the replays from our stream which can be found in this neat playlist: & here's our Grand Finals between Tweedy (Superman) vs. Emperor Flappy (Black Adam) We are...
  3. MasonBc

    Sick interactable combos from Impulse #bonehawks

    Don't know if anybody will see this but Patient-Impulse/ babyseal-pan has a list of insane interactable combos. All credit goes to him for finding these. #bonehawks Definitely check out his channel. red hood: cheetah: firestorm: superman: Brainiac: Scarecrow: Flash: Robin: Catwoman:
  4. bcfighting

    Superman Combos & Tips with GuamoKun

    Injustice 2 Pro GuamoKun stops by the Body Count Fighting studio to share his favorite Superman combos & tips. --- Body Count Fighting is a channel devoted to all things fighting games. Each week on YouTube we post Street Fighter 5, Injustice 2, and Tekken 7 combos & tips videos, grudge...
  5. Blitzace10

    Help against Superman.

    I first joined TYM to get help on Injustice Gods Among Us cause I'm just a super average player. Well here I am again , looking for a little help. I play Aquaman mainly and a little Green Lantern. Even after the patch, I'm sticking with Arthur. But even before, I am having a lot of trouble...
  6. moraelgamed

    Do you think it is counter productive to make Superman/WW the villains ?

    This is mostly a lore and casual talk thread but i wanted to talk about the story of Injustice 2 and how the characters were represented and how it can be potentially harmful for WB/DC. What NRS did is that they made characters like Superman and Wonder Woman completely undesirable. In a vacuum...
  7. MetalPete

    End of Fighter Pack 1 Buffs and Stuffs

    Hey guys/gals What would you like to see happen to Supes after the next patch? I really only want two improvements: 1. 223 needs to work more like it did in IGAU. That means the ability to link F23 after 223 and resetting Superman to a neutral state when using 223 in the corner. Right now...
  8. F

    Batman proves why he's one of the best superhoes again (spoilers)

    This guy lets Superman out knowing that he'd probably clash with him later on and when The Justice League divides again, he takes out the kryptonite suit and takes that ass. This guy is so cold that he had Wonder Woman and Black Adam hiding.
  9. SwagMountains

    Superman Combo and OKI Thread

    This is living, i'm updating this as I see new stuff and am attempting to credit everyone who has contributed. All combos work as of patch 1.05 and were tested on superman in competitive mode. Special shoutouts to @Infinite_resign for his contributions to the thread. Some specific notes...
  10. D

    Injustice 2 Flash Insane Corner Combo 2 bars 629.59 Damage on Superman

    This Flashy Combo On Darkseid has a ridiculous damage but for all the others is Op the same...for one bar...over 600% damage...I tested on Superman and well...Day One isn't bad!I think is the biggest for know let me know peace!