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DLC Characters possibly leaked

A lil bummed about their DLC choices not gonna lie. Shang, Fujin, and maybe Nightwolf could be hype. maybe sindel and i guess spawn too. But the rest? Terminator is lame, Injustice 2 Joker port will be lame as hell, and "fan favorites" like Sheeva...

I'm all for rediscovering characters I use to not be that into cuz I love MK in general, but I'm pretty disappointed with the DLC. And I already paid for them all lol, which is a bummer. My bad
So is it true that Sheeva, Joker, and Ash have the least amount of dialogue? That could imply that they are more unfinished than the other characters, so they could be coming last.

I saw something about how in the code there's a mention of "Fighter Packs" similar to Injustice 2, which will be selling characters in mini-combo sets instead of just one whole season pass. There is apparently 3 of them like Injustice 2 -- and in that game each pack had 3 characters, so 9 total. Looks like MK11 will have the same number of DLC, so this makes sense.


  • Shang Tsung
  • Terminator
  • Fujin
  • Sindel
  • Spawn
  • Nightwolf
  • Ash
  • Sheeva
  • Joker
It seems weird they would have one FP with one more guest than the others. I’m still hoping they’re going to add 3 more MK characters to make it an even 12 for the end of the DLC run, they just haven’t settled on them yet.

After all, I would assume guest DLC’s would need to be determined earlier to schedule celebrity VA’s and whatnot.
This kinda weird to read, so I'll write them out:
  • Bo' Rai Cho Assist = Gourd of the Eight Immortals
  • Ermac Assist = Amulet of Lost Souls
  • Havik Assist = Skull of Chaos
  • Hsu Hao Assist = Red Dragon Beam Emitter
  • Hydro Assist = Water God's Artifact
  • Kenshi Assist = Ancestral Katana
  • Kung Jin Assist = Broken Quiver
  • Meat Assist = Severed Head
  • Mileena Assist = Bloodied Sai
  • Nitara Assist = Ball of Coagulated Blood
  • Quan Chi Assist = Necromancer's Rune
  • Rain Assist = Krown of the Fallen Prince
  • Reiko Assist = Reiko's Shuriken
This basically deconfirms Havik and Rain to me and that sucks


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I just remembered, didn't someone leak that there was gonna be 13 DLC characters?(this includes Shao Kahn)
lmao that's very true. even if I think it's just about the KP1 stuff, it'd also make sense to be the 12DLC + Shao Kahn. but not putting my expectations high for now


Me too. Havik was the most unique and coolest 3D era character to me, and I thought for sure Rain would be in 11 because he ranked 2nd in Ed’s poll a long time ago and was shafted as an NPC in X...

Guessing we won’t get Sektor or Cyrax in 12 either.
I‘m guessing Havik and Rain still have a good chance if they do more DLC.

But I was sure Rain would make the first Kombat Pack so he could just miss this game and MK12 too ¯\ (ツ)


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LMAO wtf

Also Spawn's dialogue is so good, but I am surprised about all of the F bombs he drops. Didn't really expect that in MK tbh.