DEVASTATION 2011 :: Oct 7-9 :: Phoenix, AZ

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    That's the original SubZero. :)
  2. Great tournament, great experience! A lot of hype matches come out of this, still don't quite understand the brackets lol!
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    Where can I watch devestation?

    When I try to watch it on some links it says "this broadcast is no longer available on"

    Can someone post alink because I cant find it.
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    Before I explain what happened during this tournament, let me just say that I'm extremely disappointed in the online MK community. Did any of you talk to ANYONE who is considered staff at DEV? No. All of you simply took the words of Tom Brady and other players (who also didn't bother to talk to me or anyone else in the know) and assume that nothing was organized and we used some sort of weird format.

    First and foremost, the only real difference between DEV and Evo in terms of brackets, is that losses were reset in our top 8 and we ran pools across two days instead of all at once.

    Top two made it out of pools, but due to the size of the pools we split them up. So during the various time slots, you'd have two pools instead of one. Those pools would then feed into a semi-final, just like what Evo did. The top two from the pool semi-finals moved on to top 8. We had the players partake in a grand final match to determine who wins the prize for taking first in the pool, and to determine seeding in the top 8.

    Now Tom had NO IDEA what was going on, and instead of asking me (I was sitting in the same spot the ENTIRE tournament and was easy to find) he decided to run his mouth and act like we were running a completely disorganized tournament. In reality, the only part of the tournament that was disorganized was the start times. We had an issue that was out of our control which caused most of Fri and some of the Sat evening brackets to start/run late.

    If you have ANY questions regarding MK and DEV, please discuss them with me instead of taking the words of random players who have no idea what they're talking about. Unfortunately, I did not have time to check this thread after posting the stream schedule, but not a single person sent me a PM to ask what was going on.

    That said, I will eat crow and say that 16 Bit deserved his placement. He played exceptionally well and should be considered one of the top Kitana players in the world. However, I will not eat crow about AZ taking on Kitana. 16 Bit fared just as well against the top AZ players as I do. There really wasn't much of a difference there.
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    I had a great time but the tournament was ridiculously disorganized. None of your red shirt TO guys knew what was going on. Mini pools would randomly have 3/5 grand finals. Mine nearly reset loses in a mini pool before I insisted that was insane and did indeed come to you. They had setups empty so pools took longer than they needed to. Then when they did use them you'd have top guys playing on them off stream while Brice is all over the stream. Tom deserves credit. He pointed out and argued when things made no sense.
  7. LOL tell me about it... They made Detroit and I stop in the middle of our tournament match cuz they thought it was over. Not only that, the ref had me play the guy I put in losers for a 50 gift card, then later said she made a mistake and told me I wasn't the winner of my pool, after I beat AU_rest in peace twice. I already knew I wasn't in finals of my pool but they had me play the matches like I was.
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    If Tom assisted in that regard, then I applaud him. However, I know Tom was complaining about having to play his semi-final match and made a big deal out of it like it wasn't supposed to happen that way. That was my main issue. You talked to me, but most of the others did not.

    Unfortunately, I agree that some of our red shirts were more helpful than others. This was especially so with the MK pools because most of them were going on during AE or MvC, which generally had 4 brackets and our best red shirts on them due to the size of the pools.

    We're somewhat limited in that regard because most people want to play at DEV instead of running brackets. :(
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    Hey, I just wanted to let everyone know jedirobb is paying me the money from Devastation 2011. I know there was a lot of drama and badmouthing of Devastation 2011 when the sponsors fell through causing some of the winners to not receive their money on the spot. But I'm glad he's keeping his word and paying out the winners even if it's coming out of his own pocket. He's slowly paying me the cash piece by piece, so I have nothing to complain about.

    Here were the prize pots below for the games featured at Devastation 2011:

    EVENT LIST (Qualifying Tournament Prize/Grand Final Invitational Prize):
    - Rock!, Paper!, Scissors! ($200 / $1,000)
    - Push Up Contest ($500.00)
    - Marvel vs. Capcom 3 ($200 / $5,000)
    - Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ($200 / $5,000)
    - Mortal Kombat 9 ($200 / $1,000)
    - Tekken 6 ($500)
    - SoulCalibur IV ($500)
    - Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix ($300)
    - BlazBlue: Continuum Shift ($300)
    - Heroes of Newerth ($5,000)
    - Super Smash Brothers Brawl: Singles ($200 / $500)
    - Super Smash Brothers Brawl: Doubles ($300)
    - Madden NFL 2012 ($200 / $1,000)
    - FIFA Soccer 2012 ($100 / $300)
    - Gears of War3 ($400 / $1,700)
    - Halo Reach ($400 / $1,700)
    - Call of Duty: Black Ops ($400 / $1,700)
    - Dance Central ($500)
    - Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock ($300)
    - Michael Jackson the Experience ($150)
    - Rock Band 3: Band Competition ($500)
    - Cosplay Contest; Steampunk ($850)
    - Cosplay Contest; Open/Any Costume ($850)
    - Cosplay Contest; Open/Any Costume, Under 12 ($425)
    - Cosplay Contest; Video Game Character ($850)
    - Cosplay Contest; People’s Choice ($500)
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  10. That's good. I only got paid like 50 bux 2 years ago but that's it.

    It's cool to see him doing that still. It really wasn't his fault and I admire he is paying out of pocket.
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    Glad to hear it. I must say it was this GF between you and Mr.Mill that made me pick up Kabal... those dash cancels! Damn! I think everyone had a wtf is happening moment, including Mr.Mil, unfortunately for him! Was a great set
  13. I was like girl get out of my face.
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    You should have received $200 at least for coming in second. MK had preset prize amount for the grand finals. I think around $50 was for third place. Not sure, have to ask GGA 16 Bit

    He started paying me the other month in September. He's doing it in small monthly doses of $50. I just thought I would make a post to show my appreciation and clear some of the bad air from the tournament.
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    LOL. It was awesome to go beyond the standard f+3,2~ndc and pave the path to a new era. I didn't know I made you pick up Kabal, that's cool to know.
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    Holy crap.. I thought this was never going to happen. Between this and Hatake Osawa I guess there is some good in this world after all :)

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