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Discussion in 'Cyrax' started by Alice, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. PND_Mustard

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    i got a question real quick.

    why is the commentator in the first game legit whinging like a child because of krayzie making smart decisions? like not using meter in combos that are obviously going to get broken, using command grabs when it's a good option under the circumstances, and then he goes on to do the same thing to tyrant and cries at him. who let him on the mic? it's guys like this that have a self righteous know it all attitude that really bugs me, especially on commentary., EGp guys please dont let him on the mic again, it's embarassing.

    match starts at 2:20

  2. ShadowBeatz

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    Wow, I couldn't even finish watching that XD. Clearly Cyrax just can't win without the resets. Clearly.
  3. NariTuba

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    You might be able to squeeze a 1% by going for 2~net instead of 3~net when you reset (Its also a easier to execute). I know you can actually 3,3~net too if you time it properly.

    Honestly I pretty much gave up on pressuring their wakeup, all the people I play blow me up for it every time. It works better for me to splat them (with b2 is the best) plant the bomb and then walk back. From here you can AA a jump attempt, d4~saw or d4~ragdoll them into the bomb if they walk forward, time a net or a saw.

    Vortex is definitely better. Its been either that or just go for damage finishing with a deep jump kick into 3,3~saw.
  4. I believe the passionate commentator in question is the one and only Wonder Chef!
  5. PND_Mustard

    PND_Mustard "More stealthful than the night"
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    really? im sure id recognise his voice, and ive never heard wonder chef complain like that :/
  6. TheChad_87

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    I tried the 2xxNet and it does the same damage. Seems easier to time, but I'm so used to 3xxNet from other combos, it feels more natural to me. 33xNet is a bust for me. It always combos when I do it. lol

    And I agree. I had pretty much given up on pressuring wake-up as well. I just wanted to bring it up here and see how others felt about it. I like that strategy of just Bomb and wait. I've been doing that as well. Footsies are OP ^_^. Also, I'd tried the djK version. If you DjK into 33xxNet is actually does 1% less. But into saw is 1% more. I cant think of many situations in which the 1% is worth giving up the pressure.

    Also, LOL at this commentator. If I had heard "But he has no meter for the reset." As a resetting son-of-a-bitch, I realize how important meter is for Cyrax, but at the same time, He's not Quan Chi. He doesn't NEED it to be a threat. 32% (meterless) damage and free Bomb pressure is something other players should fear.
  7. NariTuba

    NariTuba disMember

    try jps,2,1~net, jps,1,2,1~Exb, b2, cb, 3,3~net

    I understand your point on how 1% more doesnt justify dropping the pressure. Depending on the matchup, the saw oki is really good tho. After they got hit hard with a reset combo, if you walk back after the oki splat and they still have their back against the wall... its desperation time. If you are playing a set and youve established the "walk back" you can even take a few steps and dash back in with pressure. People will start just standing there blocking, which in turn opens up your dash back cancelled with close bomb to really make them panic. It really fucks with peoples head, the fact that you are letting them make the first move and you dont care.

    Characters with stupid safe devastating wake ups are the exception to this of course. In that case Ill take the guarranteed pressure like you said.
  8. Yes there is some other guy commentating when Wonder Chef comes on to say he lost to Lethal Legend during the match between Rocker and Krayzie. When Krayzie and Tyrant face off it's the same voice. Hate to sound like a tattle tale, but it was a bit unprofessional to hear him speak the way he did especially about someone as good as Krayzie who I'm sure knows what he's doing.
  9. NariTuba

    NariTuba disMember

    I took the libery of directing your Question to the Q&A thread.

    Learn his footsies, they revolve mostly around d4. The way I personally play him these days is I harass them with d4~saw in footsies (beware of characters that can punish saw) until they stand block. After that, a d4 on hit is a 50/50 between jab pressure into hit confirm and Command Grab. Also, learn the range on your opponents normals well and stay RIGHT outside of it, so you can whiff punish with dash 1,2 hitconfirm into net. Get used to react to crossovers with Anti Air throw (AAt).

    Zone control:
    Net has a long recovery, be careful throwing them out upclose or even fullscreen vs some of the cast. Bombs have better recovery, you can use them to make your opponent walk towards where you want. Work on your AA standing 1 because a lot of people try to jump when they find themselves pushed towards a bomb, or will test your AA capabalities to see where you're at. The thing about AAt is that its very easy to AA with but it switches sides, which might mean you lose the corner.

    Hope this helps
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  10. Beginner0k_TwM


    The first option is very difficult to hit the Mileena
  11. Squeaker101

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    Thanks! I looked for this kinda thread, guess I missed it.

    Another question, where does Cyrax fall? Or rather, what does he struggle against?
  12. NariTuba

    NariTuba disMember

    Yeah Ive landed that a couple of times. Interesting to know its character dependant. Itd be nice to know who you can land d1~net on... that is one tough link for me tho.
    Imho Cyrax struggles the most against characters that can lame him out easily by outzoning him. Cyblax has a better time dealing with these.
  13. Beginner0k_TwM


    I tried to do it, but character's time to hit the ground (I'll try today, but I did not get), I'm still working on after the reset Ex RagDoll on the wall. By the way how you look at it to use the Ex Ragdoll in these situations:
    esscape b+1
    2,1,2 in block
    b+2 in block
    or Johnny Cage
    f +3,3,b +3
    2,1, f +2
    with whom I played, they passed Ex RagDoll after the push back, I do not know why
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  14. NariTuba

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    What do you mean "they passed Ex RagDoll after the push back" After those situations the ExRagdoll did NOT connect?
  15. Beginner0k_TwM


    I mean where it can be used as a tactic of attack (mixup).And his opponents have always missed because of this unexpected.
  16. NariTuba

    NariTuba disMember

    Yeah, I think it works. Ppl are usually not ready for the Ex ragdoll.
  17. PND_Mustard

    PND_Mustard "More stealthful than the night"
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    tbh i wouldnt agree with this at all, nothing wrong with using it late into the round as its safe, but it practically never works on my training partners now, all about that matchup knowledge. ;)
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  18. NariTuba

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    Honestly Im not really sure what he means, I think he's talking about creating space then using the Exragdoll as a surprise attack. I guess you can use it based on a read that they will move forward on you. Specific circumstances are needed, you cant just automatically use it every time of course.
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  19. Beginner0k_TwM


    Yes I had in mind.That is, Ex RagDoll used when creating the distance of a push back.And yes it is better to use if you kill the enemy
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