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Guide Cyrax Match-Up Chart & Guide ~ By Krayzie


Purple balls covering the screen
Hey just wanted to point out so you csn fix it, when you are full screen away from freddy, jumping over a glove toss is not the way to go. In fact as a freddy player I am specifically waiting for this to happen when you jump glove toss I reover in time to mid spike you before you hit the ground which lesds to a far groundspike and either freddy fingers oki or an ex spike into freddy fingers oki. Literally the only thing I am worried about in this match up is trading with net, because that never works out well. You can tele in after that and reset. That and when you do manage to get past my gauntlet of projectiles, your up close game is way better than mine, but that causes the freddy player a dilemma. I can either go for big damage off of my 50/50 which is risky and causes me to burn meter to be safe (simething I dont wanna do cause I will need breaker) ex teleport away which again causes me to burn meter, or pray I block long enough and tech your command grab attempts long enough until you give up and let me escape. The worst part is even i I do save meter you can still just either do a breaker trap or his bigger unbreakerabke combos and it was all in vain. Cyrax wins this match up because of his damage I say its a tough 6-4 in cyraxs favor but not unwinnable.
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