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Tech Cyborg Technology Development Thread


Cyborg's Savior
I haven't played the WoWo Borg MU but I just feel like if she gets in I'm gonna be stuck in 50-50 town. It would seem like I would have to play damn near perfect, I would have to be ON POINT with all my fireballs cuz I feel like if your fighting WoWo up close its a losing battle.

Rager Da Prince

I can't help my Fiction addiction.
Not sure if this is useful but I've been canceling my jump-ins into nova/MBNova blaster to gain the plus frames. Not sure how useful it is. I mostly just wait to see what they do but cyborgs B3 out ranges most other normals.
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RM Empyrean

During your cyborg pressure, if you do it correctly you can do 2 mb fb and both ground fireballs hit. As you guys know these are plus 12 i think, you can extend your pressure. Haven't tested it enough yet tho


Buluc Chabtan
Hey guys, I found another neat little trick:
(1) end a bnb combo in d2xxSD (don't let it rip)
(2) forward-dash-cancel immediately and you dash under the opponent before they hit the ground, putting you on the opposite side of them
(3) neutral jump into either j2 (which hits at the last moment just as they're getting up) or land and throw them

P.S. I will be competing at Canadian East Coast Championships 2 this upcoming weekend, and will be using Cyborg and Nightwing (depending on match-up). If there is some good footage, I will post it up. Wish me luck :)
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