Cronus Adapter Banned from all Big E Gaming Events

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by JagoBlakeFGC, Jan 15, 2014.

By JagoBlakeFGC on Jan 15, 2014 at 10:23 AM
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    With Winter Brawl coming up in the latter part of February 2014, it may be wise to give an important notice to those who are attending or plan to attend. It has been announced via the official FaceBook page by Big E Gaming that all Cronus Adapters are banned from any tournaments hosted by them. This was originally confirmed via a status update from staff member @Mikemetroid and now Big E Gaming is backing the announcement.

    Here is the FaceBook post from Big E about the fate of the Cronus Adapter. If you were hoping to make good use of it at Winter Brawl, you're going to need a change in plans.

    As stated by Big E: "The Cronus converter is officially banned from Big E Gaming events. Please make alternative plans if you currently use one in tournament play."

    Big E Gaming FaceBook Cronus Adapter.png
    Source: Big E Gaming FaceBook Page
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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by JagoBlakeFGC, Jan 15, 2014.

    1. CronusMAX
      Hi Guys,

      I am the project leader of the new CronusMAX software and just wanted to touch base with you regarding the ban of the old Cronus Device.

      Firstly I agree with you, the old device was poorly managed indeed. The software isn't that good and very outdated, and the hardware itself had some very shoddy build quality.

      This is why we started the CronusMAX project a few months ago as we are Cronus users ourselves and were not happy with the lack of support and it seemed like anyone who had a problem wasn't being helped.

      Let me direct you to this information on our website just so you can get a better understanding of who we are first of all:

      As you can see we are completely independent and nothing to do with the original Cronus, we simply set ourselves up to get as many of the devices as we could, check each one for any defaults or defects and make them good and then we designed our own software and firmware to clean out any bugs, improve performance and add all new features to support the next generation of consoles.

      As you can see here we have been very busy with updating and improving the device:

      Our new version doesn't have any of the issues that have been highlighted, however I also agree that it is completely unsuitable for a Tournament environment. Even though the cross-gaming/remapping works fantastic with CronusMAX it also has all of the scripting and macros and GamePacks which are of course not suitable for Tournaments.

      We have been in discussion with some Pro Gamers about this and are looking at designing a "Tournament Edition". These will be certified as fully tested "in-game", no lag or other issues and will have a custom firmware that only supports Cross Gaming and button Remapping.

      Now I totally accept that the old Cronus has a bum name due to the issues highlighted so it would be difficult to determine which users had a "good" Cronus against a "poor" one. So we are open to designing our own custom version (which will not be branded as Cronus) and will be designed solely for Tournaments in mind, backed by our far superior design and manufacturing capabilities and of course support. We could also of course design a new shell (perhaps a different color?) that is shipped to those who are only using the Tournament firmware and would effectively re-brand the device into something that wouldn't cause any issues at all. We have tested our firmware in multiple environments with multiple players and there are no power/lag issues whatsoever.

      I appreciate the decision made and in fact agree with it, but I figured I'd lay out my point of view as a professional and fellow gamer and hoped for some feedback

      Thank you for your time


      PS Admin: I am happy to provide a few samples of the new CronusMAX for you to try them out yourselves - feel free to drop me a line :)
    2. RM Jonnitti
      RM Jonnitti
      thank you based jrosa
    3. Catnip_Her0
      so what adapter is there to use that works properly?
    4. Pig Of The Hut
      Pig Of The Hut
      Etokki and inpin
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    5. AceOfKnaves
      ps2 pad converter for 360 ^

      for the ones who at the very least want to play with a Dualshock pad on 360...its atleast another option
    6. ETC AdmiralAugustus
      ETC AdmiralAugustus
      Etokki niqqqqqqqassssss

      Your master demands no less.
    7. 7L
      No more dropped inputs for me! Win-win!
    8. dotunderscore
      @CronusMAX Can you please elaborate on this? I bought one of the new devices so I can use my fightpad on the Xbox one/Killer Instinct. Is this safe to use on local gameplay if no macros/gamepacks are used? (not even sure what they are - I just went through the remapping process for the controller).
    9. CronusMAX
      absolutely - you don't have to use those features if you don't want to.
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    10. Zyphox
      Lol this is what happened to me at SJ when i fought king but when i was apparently complaining for sharing my concerns with the device. I stopped and reset the console after almost getting double perfected by king game one, by the time we tested it out it was working fine and then you saw me almost win the 2nd game but just how dramatically different it felt after resetting the console set me back game one.
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    11. Catnip_Her0
      Good stuff etokki it is for now until I figure out how to quad mod my stick.
    12. DarKNaTaS
      @CronusMAX So is the old Cronus device causing the input lag for the other player only? or is the CronusMax doing the same thing as the cronus device?
    13. ColdBoreMK23
      Ive been using mine a month now for KI and no problems whatsoever.

      I don't goto tournaments however.

      If you are just looking for a cheaper way to play KI with your old fightstick, cronusmax works amazingly.

      I know the madcatz sticks, hori, and Eightarc work with the cronus but tge Injustice stick doesn't.

      I am.going to send my Injustice stick to Cronus so they can add support for the stick however.
    14. CronusMAX
      I have never experienced this with the CronusMAX software/firmware and it's not been reported to us. I wouldn't be surprised if the old devices had this issue.
    15. STORMS
      @BigE @thisisiloveu @SweetJohnnyCage you guys see this part?
    16. Lukeweizer
      Is the Xtokki 360 Converter the best for playing a DualShock on 360? I noticed it only says DS1 or 2, are they any DS3 for 360 adapters you would recommend? Thanks!
    17. Pig Of The Hut
      Pig Of The Hut
    18. BiPolarExxpress
      oh boy, we have a necro.
    19. Klesk_1
      I have an Xtokki and the lag was significantly worse than the Cronos.
    20. fr stack
      fr stack
      yeah my etokki or else my 25 different ps2 pads are all faulty , i had to get an evil controller in the end
    21. Catnip_Her0
      Any new converters out there ? Mainly older stick to xbone/ps4. I looked up modders and they want like 300 for the dual mod lol is that a good price ?
    22. Mikemetroid
      No thats an awful price.

      What stick do you have (system) and what systems do you want it to play on?
    23. STB Shujinkydink
      STB Shujinkydink
      Not even converters are safe from Big E's banhammer
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    24. coolwhip
      I came here to make a similar joke only to get ex runed.
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    25. SuppaSapien3
      Thank You. Was just about to ask.

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