Cronus Adapter Banned from all Big E Gaming Events

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by JagoBlakeFGC, Jan 15, 2014.

By JagoBlakeFGC on Jan 15, 2014 at 10:23 AM
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    With Winter Brawl coming up in the latter part of February 2014, it may be wise to give an important notice to those who are attending or plan to attend. It has been announced via the official FaceBook page by Big E Gaming that all Cronus Adapters are banned from any tournaments hosted by them. This was originally confirmed via a status update from staff member @Mikemetroid and now Big E Gaming is backing the announcement.

    Here is the FaceBook post from Big E about the fate of the Cronus Adapter. If you were hoping to make good use of it at Winter Brawl, you're going to need a change in plans.

    As stated by Big E: "The Cronus converter is officially banned from Big E Gaming events. Please make alternative plans if you currently use one in tournament play."

    Big E Gaming FaceBook Cronus Adapter.png
    Source: Big E Gaming FaceBook Page
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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by JagoBlakeFGC, Jan 15, 2014.

    1. SwiftTomHanks
      Good. These things suck; I remember being put on blast for calling them out when people first started to try them out. #toldyouso
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    2. NB Semi Evil Ryu
      NB Semi Evil Ryu
      I perfectly agree with this ban. I'm sure the other remaining scenes will follow suit very shortly. I know that my local area here started banning them for our last monthly that we just had.
    3. NB Semi Evil Ryu
      NB Semi Evil Ryu
      And actually, that above image is the first time that I've actually seen it and I just realized that someone was using it on my 360 on Saturday. And last night, I hooked up my 360 for the first time since then and the system kept locking up on me.

    4. RiBBz22
      Same here dude, this ruined my offline experience in the Cleveland scene and half the people going to casuals probably thought I was just complaining for no reason (which is even more annoying). I pretty much don't go to casuals anymore because of salting out so much from the cronus dropping inputs and random lag. I get way more enjoyment and drop far less inputs ONLINE than with this stupid device on the 360.
    5. Vagrant
      PL warned about this in his complaint blog.

    6. TheSpore
      I used one on a local once and damn did it cause delay issues, I said screw it I stopped using my stick and went back to pads and invested in buying a PS3 madcat pad to practice on and a 360 one for tourneys, only set me back 40 bucks compared to the amounta dual mod stick or HB can cost. These things I heard are also causing hardware issues on console when they are used.
    7. RiBBz22
      Yeah I have been warning people for way longer. Best day ever when mine sold on Amazon a few months ago...
    8. juicepouch
      PL=FGC Nostradamus? :confused:
    9. Mr Aquaman
      Mr Aquaman
      PL also said he was taking the last MK evo for free. Dem predictions
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    10. trustinme
      he was the only one to show up for golden axe,so he kinda did win it free.
    11. 9.95
      It's funny. I have a cronus and have never experienced any of the problems. I think that when these devices are good, they are REALLY good, but when the are faulty, they not only cause delay for the user, but also for the other player, can cause system freezes (only when connected), and can temporarily short the usb inputs (forcing a system restart to fix it).

      As much as I love my cronus, I have to agree that banning them is a good idea because the faulty ones seem to outnumber the good ones.
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    12. Insuperable
      Is this banned for Apex as well??
    13. Pig Of The Hut
    14. ZAQ
      For the record, mine has always worked without error.
      But as far as tournaments go... Another problem is that the people that sell them can flash them to update to the most recent version. And that means the casing of the adapter does not indicate which version you are actually using even if you buy it from a "legitimate" source.
    15. chessmaster
      So some work correctly and some are faulty?
    16. G4S Claude VonStroke
      G4S Claude VonStroke
      I'm really confused by this because the ones I have used haven't had any issues. This is weird.
    17. Mikemetroid
      For the record in my experience i've seen cronus adapters simply not even work on some consoles. They are very picky when they want to work and what @Shock and I think they do is that the cronus actually overloads the usb ports and causes both controllers to malfunction.
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    18. A New Angel Is Advent
      A New Angel Is Advent
      I agree with this and yet dread keeping a te and a te2 on me all day if I want to be able to play injustice and KI casuals. That's like holding two fat babies while trying to see over people's shoulders. Not ready to spend another $140 to dual mod the te 2
    19. PureYeti
      I haven't see any review on the latest cronus, cronusMAX. Oh well cronus is cronus
    20. Shock
      It's really unfortunate but we gave them a shot across multiple tournaments. They have proven to be more trouble than they are worth. There are ways to get them to work and you can reset the system before every match with them to prevent the random input loss caused by the USB overload (the adapter gets very warm during usage) but it's pretty unanimous across the TO end that we can't use these adapters anymore. I will try to contact the people who make them and see if there's any way they can address this with future versions and maybe give us some to give away if they do fix the issue.

      I would suggest to players who want to use PS pads on the 360 to get these ASAP along with a PS2 controller and break it in. For those who have PS3 TEs, I really don't know what to do. There are other adapters but they all suck. The other community decision to override would be the PS3/360 version standard but 360 is better, straight up.
      Last edited: Jan 15, 2014
    21. DarthArma
    22. Justice
      I approve this message and I don't even use adapters. E-tokki or bust!
    23. rolz420zx
      Uhh, well this I was seriously just about to order the CronusMax so I can use my 360 fight stick on my Xbox One. Now, after reading some of these posts, I'm definitely not going to order it. Which sucks because I just spent a ton to buy the Xbox One and spending another 200 on the KI fight stick is just not
    24. 9.95

      It really is a shame because when this converter works, its a dream come true, but overall the faulty ones seem to really outnumber the good ones.
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