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CrazyFinger's Swamp Thing MU Chart (WiP)


So who is gonna play my Starfire because she definitely bodies him. I think she does better than Superman. Superman is like 6-4 and Starfire is probably 7-3 imo.
I figured I'd put this out there to start conversation about this character. I think he is way better than people give him credit for (still pretty bad) So here's where I think he struggles and excels MU wise.

Character: Swamp Thing-Character
Aquaman: 6-4

Atrocitus: 6-4

Bane: 6-4

Batman: 5-5

Black Adam: 5-5

Canary: 6-4

Blue Beetle: 4-6

Brainiac: 6-4

Captain Cold: 5-5

Catwoman: 3-7

Cheetah: 5-5

Cybrog: 5-5

Darkseid: 6-4

Deadshot: 5-5

Fate: 6-4

Firestorm: 4-6

Flash: 5-5

Gorilla Grodd: 6-4

Green Arrow: 4-6

Green Lantern: 5-5

Harley Quinn: 5-5

Joker: 5-5

Ivy: 5-5

Red Hood: 4-6

Robin: 4-6

Scarecrow: 5-5

Starfire: 5-5

Sub-Zero: 4-6

Supergirl: 5-5

Superman: 4-6

Wonder Woman: Very slight 4-6

Black Manta: 6-4

Raiden: 6-4

Hellboy: 4-6

Atom: Under Investigation, possible 4-6

Discuss, enjoy.
Star fire wins 6-4


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Possibly, but mb stampede is very good for dealing with armour shenanigans

we should play soon @CrazyFingers
I think post patch its hard for Grodd for a couple reasons. Grodd without projectile invulnerability has a fairly hard time dealing with Log and DB 3 without leaping and Swamp Thing deals with leap fairly well. Also Garden armor in the neutral makes it very hard for Grodd to play. He basically needs to sit and wait for trait to be done in order to start trying to actually play otherwise he's going to get bopped. When Grodd is cornered it's a wrap, garden armor blasts through both kinds of stampedes on wakeup. The only thing that gives Swamp Thing a particular issue is Grodd's obnoxious D1. Obviously if Grodd hits you he does Grodd things and kills you but Swamp Thing controls the neutral heavily in this one in my experience.


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I think he beats scarecrow and Ivy and he loses to manta.
I think Ivy is 5-5 post patch simply because now her wakeup game isn't so one dimensional. She never really struggled in the ground game against swamp thing but she just completely got annihilated on knockdown. She still has a really tough time when she's cornered but she has an actually good amount of options midscreen for her wakeup that she is less of a sitting duck. It's maybe SLIGHTLY in Swamp Thing's favor but not enough to really matter too much.

Scarecrow competes in the neutral fairly well and his J3 gives swamp thing some issues. Also his D1 is super obnoxious in this MU but Swamp Thing has log and garden and has a really good wake up. They both have good pressure. It feels like a mirror march with slightly different tools so that's why I say 5-5.

Manta is a weird one but in my experience you're rarely getting opened up so you just wait for your moment in pressure to take your turn. So in the end youre basically only taking chip and the occasional grab. That paired with the healing means it takes FOREVER for Manta to actually kill you (we also inherently take less damage and Manta's damage is so so) in neutral Manta definitely has decent control but we have log and log messes with the pace of the neutral along with having garden to again, slow the pace of the match down. We can actually contest his mobility options unlike a lot of characters in this game, which makes him have to make harder reads on defense.


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Star fire wins 6-4
Well here's the thing with Starfire she definitely has the keep out game but it's a kind of keep out that lends itself to being countered by Swamp Thing's available counter zoning tools. If she does star dust you get a free punish with DB3, at certain spaces trait can be whiff punished pretty easily forcing her to spend bar on it if she wants to keep safe which means she has less MB B3, less MB Flip, less bar in general to be spending on defense which is what she tends to want to do. Charged MB BF3 goes under a lot of her options and straight up punishes all of them. If he reaches her with it and a projectile whiffs, she's eating a full combo. This means she has to think even harder in zoning which gives Swamp Thing room to breathe. However she does have a good amount of options against all of this, it's just her zoning doesn't oppress Swamp Thing post patch like it did pre-patch. Oh also log is love log is life.


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@CrazyFingers I see in a previous quote on this thread you had the Batman MU as 3-7. What makes it 5-5? I haven't played much Swamp Thing since the last patch.


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@CrazyFingers I see in a previous quote on this thread you had the Batman MU as 3-7. What makes it 5-5? I haven't played much Swamp Thing since the last patch.
Pre patch zoning completely destroyed swamp thing and Batman could just throw Batarangs all day, put trait up and just wait. That in addition with the fact that old vortex was still there and it became NASTY. Now post patch not only do we have charged BF3 we also have log in addition to DB3 that we had pre patch. Also Batarangs build pitiful bar and mechanical bats aren't up nearly as much. Pair that with garden armor/the corner game making it hard for Batman to get up and you have a more level playing field. Batman still keeps Swamp Thing out but now he is having to play neutral a little more with Swampy and that can be rough to do.


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@CrazyFingers can you please explain Sub vs Swamp?
I knew I forgot one. It's a bit difficult to anti air him for swamp thing. Clone while F2 and D3 go right through it, that matters less when shatter is a move that exists. Youre not reacting to clone cancels in this game and my best options to go through it up close are super slow. Dont get me wrong, they work but at the close range that Sub EASILY gets into, clone is a big problem. Also unlike most MUs, Sub can actually just mash clone out of Swamp Thing's plus frames and there's nothing you can do about it. Sure at the midrange/fullscreen swamp thing has a chance but up close it's gross. Not to mention I gotta hold everything about shatter.


Damn this MU chart still has hella up-playing.

Swamp Thing is much better now, but we throwing around 6-4's like candy lol.

I'll believe it once I see a single Swamp main win anything. Right now he's a pocket counterpick for weird MU's and a matchup knowledge trick play.


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I don't see how he loses to Robin, I've always had that down as even